The captain of the club is confident to win the European trophy this time.

Juventus captain and veteran defender Giorgio Chiellini caught up with Italian newspaper La Stampa and spoke on several topics which also included Juve’s biggest goal this season – Champions League. The Bianconeri have left no stone unturned to win the much-coveted trophy but somehow have failed, but now Chiellini feels that the team can reach their goal especially after Cristiano Ronaldo‘s inclusion.

Speaking about Ronaldo the 34-year old defender said, “He is humble and scrupulous. He does not surprise me. His winning mentality was able to fill the gap left in the group after Buffon’s farewell. He is a beacon, a reference. Despite the accusations, he is serene and is working with a smile”.

Chiellini feels that with Ronaldo’s inclusion to their side it will add renewed optimism and a winning mentality to their ranks and with added zeal the Old Lady may reach the summit this season.

Speaking about Juve’s rivals in Serie A, the Italian defender was very straightforward. He considered Napoli and Inter Milan as the only teams capable to challenge them in the league. He also opined that Milan are still growing and Roma has a considerably younger squad. Speaking of the Milan Derby it was difficult for him to chose a favourite, “The Milan derby? Inter are more mature and physical, but Milan has quality. Such challenges have no favourites”.

He also spoke about former teammate Gonzalo Higuain and his contribution to the Old Lady and adding to that he also opined his thoughts about Carlo Ancelotti and on his new position at Napoli. He said,” “Higuain? A beautiful person, all of Juventus is grateful to him. Napoli? They are more unpredictable now and therefore more dangerous. Ancelotti is a great man, but I hope it takes him some time to find the right balance”.

When asked about targets this season, the Champions League was obviously an issue quizzed, but the veteran defender clearly claimed that it is no more a dream but a clear objective as they have raised their bar and have grown in quality. With that optimism, he also said that it is no easy feat to achieve and the team knows how hard it is going to be.


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When asked about his opinions on former teammate and French midfielder Paul Pogba, Chiellini was full of praises for the World Cup winner. “Pogba? He is special. He was kissed by mother nature with talent, like LeBron James or Bolt. He only has to become a bigger leader on the field, the moral abilities are there. But he is only 25 years old and there is too much responsibility for him.

The Frenchman has always been a favourite during his time at Juventus whether be it among the fans or in the dressing room.

Chiellini concluded the conversation speaking about former Juventus director Guiseppe Marotta. A manager with his professional and human abilities can do it all. During the years, I never heard anyone talk badly about him. I did not expect the goodbye, I feel gratitude and affection,” Chiellini concluded.