On a pre-season tour of the country, the Blasters said they played Bangkok FC but actually went up against Bangkok Thonburi University.

Amidst their pre-season tour of Thailand, Indian Super League (ISL) outfit Kerala Blasters found themselves in a social media controversy regarding one of their friendlies on 7th September. 

As the story unfolded, The southerners played a friendly match against local side Bangkok Thonburi University team, whom they depicted as another local side Bangkok FC on their social media handles. Upon noticing such a claim, Blasters fans visited Bangkok FC’s social media handles and requested for more information, which the Thailand-based side failed to provide.

In explanation, Bangkok FC posted a short update on Kerala Blasters’ Facebook page, requesting the club to take necessary steps to review their statement to their fans.


The Thai side also pointed out the mistake when the Blasters posted match photos from their pre-season friendly game from 7th September. However, despite being warned twice, the ISL side failed to comply with any of Bangkok FC’s requests and are yet to put out an official statement regarding the mistake, which raises question marks about the side’s professionalism. 

Meanwhile, a similar incident took place with Jamshedpur FC‘s pre-season friendly against Mostoles Balompie on 8th September, but they mistakenly used Mostoles CF’s identity to imitate the Balompie side.

However, later the mistake was brought to Jamshedpur’s attention by Mostoles CF and the Men of Steel issued an apologetic tweet to the Spanish side.