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Not ATK’s best performance on the night. Mumbai were solid and looked threatening on the counter. When the chance came it fell to the right man. ATK’s unbeaten record is done and Mumbai climb to the summit. Mumbai have won three games and Diego Forlan has had a decisive role in all three. Can’t say it enough. Marquee stuff. As Forlan and Henry exchange thought on the pitch we say a very good night from Kolkata.

Winning Goal from Diego Forlan.

90+3′ Fine save by Gomes off Lara. There’s hardly time to work the corner and the whisle has gone.

90+2′ Free Kick for ATK just outside the box.

90+1′ We are into three minutes of added time.

90′ Norde off Cunha On.

88′ Lara’s set-piece is deep and over everyone.Out for a goal-kick.

87′ Doutie’s cross from the right produces a corner.

86′ Lara’s near post corner is clearedbut as its recycled it nearly falls for Belencoso but the defender clears before he can shoot.

85′ Ashutosh with a foul on Hume/. A yellow card and a free-kick in a good position. Lara’s free-kick and Hume around the but Gomes saves and concedes the corner.

84′ Forlan takes it and Gerson’s header back across the box is cleared by Tiri.

83′ Mondal off Lalrindika on.

82′ Tiri’s foul on Norde. Yellow card. Mumbai in no hurry to take this free-kick.

80′ ATK the only unbeaten side left in the competition. That run will end if this scoreline stays the same.

80′ GOOOOALLLLL!!! DIEGO FORLAN SCORED FOR MUMBAI. Norde works super hard gets a bit of luck. The ball finds Forlan far post with a deflection and he simply smashes it in.

77′ Forlan’s free-kick cleared and Vadocz’s follow up is over.

76′ This game really needs a goal.

73′ Goian has been really solid once again tonight.

71′ Bidyananda’s cross Goian’s clearance. Recycle back to Hume whose shot produces a sprawling save from Gomes.

Best chance for ATK in second half

69′ Ball in the box for ATK but once again no one attacks it at the far post

68′ Shot over the top by Sameehg Doutie.

67′ Cafu off Cardozo on.

65′ Ashutosh has come on for Anwar.

63′ At the other end Norde with a shot wide.

62′ Lara’s corner and headed onto Gerson’s chest by Doutie.

61′ Doutie’s ball down the line and Gerson clears for a corner before Prabir can cross.

59′ Cafu’s ball over the top for Vadocz who can’t finish. At the other end Hume keeps the ball in play and picks out Doutie but Goian comes in with the challenge to clear

Brilliant Cross from 18 year old Bidyananda Singh

56′ Anwar with the foul on Hume. Free-kick in mudfield for ATK. Lara clips it in but Borja can’t head it back towards goal.

54′ Norde teed up by Vadocz produces a grounded shot that has the keepe scurrying but it goes wide.

53′ Gomes under pressure from Hume mishits his clearance but gets away with it.

More about Bidya here – Bidyananda Singh

50′ Khongjee fouls Doutie and gives the ball away.

49′ Corner for ATK is cleared. As it comes out to Bidyananda his first touch is poor and it slips away from him.

48′ Bidyananda with his first cross collected by Gomes.

46′ Underway in the second half.

Bidyananda Singh has come on for Ruidas. Big day for Indian Honda Bidya.

Nita Ambani and Henry being felicitated by ATK before the second half.

Henry- “I went to a shopping mall today and I say the love and the passion of the fans of Kolkatafor football. Its amazing.”

Theirry Henry- “All the players like Malouda and others talk to me very highly of the league. They say it is going in the right direct and I can see that for myself.”

Intersting half of football. A bit below par from the home side if I’m honest. Mumbai with the better chances but Debjit has been solid for ATK.

45+1′ There goes the whistle for the break.

Ball Possession: Kolkata 49%-51% Mumbai

45′ Into the final minute of the first half.

41′ Ball in the box from the left for ATK and a clash between Goian and Hume who both jumped for it.

Brilliant Save by Debjit

38′ The hosts started the better but its the other team with the better chances.

36′ Ball in the box and Debjit fists away. As Norde goes for the rebound he clatters into the keeper and the referee blows.

Best Chance for ATK in this match

35′ Ruidas with a foul and a yellow card.

33′ Lovely attack for Mumbai, Cafu, Forlan and co involved. Norde shoots towards the top corner and Debjit tips over for a corner. Nothing comes off the set-piece.

31′ Cafu gets away from Mondal and sends in early cross but Mumbai just don’t get men in the box.

30′ Forlan with the corner and the referee blows for another foul on the keeper. Free-kick ATK.

28′ Diego Forlán seems to be angrty with his own man. He was looking to play a through ball into towards Cafu. However the Brazilian was a little late on his run and Forlan had to look for other options.

27′ The ball almost fell for Pearson in the box after a cross from the left, but is swept clear.

26′ Vadocz is booked for a flaying arm at Borja. A bit harsh that.

25′ Javi Lara takes the set-piece. The first comes off the wall and the follow up is just over.

24′ Pacey counter by ATK. Doutie misses his kick as he tries to shoot from inside the but then earns a free-kick

23′ Meanwhike, Hufor trying to win the ball after losing has been booked

21′ Cafu gets a ball in the box but its poor. The attack is recycle and as it comes to Forlan on the far post his shot skims across the goal and wide.

19′ Doutie with another corner that doesn’t get past the first man.

Brilliant work by Sony Norde

18′ ATK ball in Tiri jumps but the referee blows for a foul on the keeper.

16′ A deep ball in the box for ATK but Khongjee with the clearance.

14′ Hume offside and Forlan’s shot from distance is wide.

13′ Forlan’s corner and Pearson’s header out.

13′ Gerson with a driving shot distance which deflects for a corner.

10′ Nice pace to the game as both teams attack when they can.

8′ Doutie’s corner and Goian’s header out. Mumbai counter and Norde shoots first time but its wide.

7′ Hume and Doutie exchanges passes and as the attack continues a corner is won.

6′ Sony Norde tries a shot from distance but is way out and the effort is not up to the mark. He looks to bend the ball towards the bottom right but his effort does not test the keeper.

5′ Ball from midfield tries to pick out Doutie but Gomes races off his line and collects before the winger.

2′ Prabir forces the error from Cafu as the ball goes into touch

1′ Its Kolkata who get us underway.

6:59 pm The two teams are out of the tunnel and will line up for the Indian National Anthem. Kick off is just moments away

6:58 pm Theirry Henry is in the middle greeting the players. Nelo Vingada is in the stands.

Big Man Henry is here #LetsFootballWithHenry #HeroISL

Mumbai City FC lineup : Albino Gomes(GK), Aiborlang Khongjee, Gerson Vieira, Anwar Ali, Lucian Goian, Lalhmangaihsanga Ralte, Diego Forlán(C), Sony Norde, Krisztián Vadócz, Otacilio Brito Alves, Sehnaj Singh.

Atlético de Kolkata lineup:Debjit Majumder(GK), José Luis Espinosa Arroyo, Arnab Mondal, Robert Lalthlamuana, Prabir Das, Abinash Ruidas, Borja Fernández(C), Stephen Paul Pearson, Sameehg Doutie, Javier Lara Grande, Iain Hume.

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6:23 pm Hello and welcome from the Rabindra Sarobar Stadium in Kolkata. We are here for the ISL game between Atletico de Kolkata and Mumbai City FC. I am your host Ashish Negi.

Pictures Via ISL Media