With the tournament set to kick off tomorrow here’s a look at the management and star-studded line-ups for the first season…

The inaugural edition of Premier Futsal is all set to kick-off tomorrow in Chennai and Khel Now gets you the team sheets of all the six franchises

Chennai 5s
Owner:The Hindu

Coach: Ney Pereira

Squad: Falcao (marquee player), Espindola (GK), Vampeta, Pula, Hemni, Manel Rion, Sean, Faraz Abdul Azzez, Yash, Younes, Pasha, Rohit Suresh (GK), Anupam.

Mumbai 5s
Owner: DC Design

Coach: Felice Mastropierro

Squad: Ryan Giggs (marquee player). Luis Amado (GK), Foglia, Angellot,Kevin, Federico Perez, Pablo, Sai Nikhil, Jo Paul Bence (GK), Mohammed Ahtesham Ali, Shubham Mane, Chanpreet.

Kolkata 5s
Owner:Grassroot Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Coach: Christian Roldan

Squad: Hernan Crespo (marquee player), Cidao (GK), Saad, Gabriel, Cirllo, Majdoub, Dida, Mohammed Islam, Amit Paul (GK), Subrata Dey), Pradeep Shaw, Akshay Nair.

Bengaluru 5s
Owner:Puneeth Rajkumar

Coach: Juan Jose Bernal Cierre

Squad: Paul Scholes (marquee player), Elias (GK), Romulo, Maxi, Nabil, Anatolly, Easy Man, Zaib, Anto Rushith S, Jonathan, Abhishek R (GK), Sathya Kumar.

Kochi 5s
Owner:ES Entertainment

Coach: Sergio Sapo

Squad: Salgado (marquee player), Casalone (GK), Neto, Chaguinha, Deives, Moraes, Gakabert, Emil, Muhammed Ameer, Basil, Yahwant Kumar (GK), Ansh, Shalin Daniel.

Goa 5s
Owner:Viking Media and Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

Coach: Octavio Gomes De Oliveira

Squad: Ronaldinho, Bebe (GK), Camilo, Vander Carioca, Burrito, Georgievsky, Adonias, Michael Silva, Fredsan Marshall, Caitano, Vatsal (GK), Praveendran.

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Report by Khel Now-Content Editor Mrunal Nakashe. A sports buff, he’s also a foreign policy enthusiast and keen North Korea watcher. Mrunal loves gaming, reading, traveling and is a self-confessed Football Manager addict. You can follow him on Twitter.