The Tottenham Hotspurs defender added to the voices against racism in football.

While the footballing world has come at a stage where players and fans are gradually coming together to take a stance against the practice of racism, there are still a lot of instances of the heinous act being reported every month.

The incident of England full-back Danny Rose being racially abused during an international game in Montenegro was one, reported only last month. The 28 year-old, who plays for Tottenham Hotspur, made the headlines after the row as he asserted that he ‘cannot wait to see the back of football.’

Rose went on to speak with Sky Sports ahead of his side’s Premier League clash with West Ham United on Saturday. “When I said I wanted to walk away from football, people think I was just talking about the two or three incidents that have happened on the pitch.”

“When I said that, I was talking about the lack of black managers in football now, or working upstairs in football clubs.”

The Sunderland player and Leeds United youngster went on to add to his take on the alleged racism that is being practiced, even at the managerial level. He made a point questioning the number of black managers at the top level of European and world football in general.

“People ask me if I want to do my coaching badges. Why? You are not given a chance, so no, I wouldn’t be looking forward to doing my badges – it is a waste of time.”

“I am not wishing to do my coaching badges because of the state of the game at the minute,” he added.

Adding to his stance, Rose also cited an example of former Spurs and Arsenal star Sol Campbell. He believes that Campbell, who took over the reigns at League Two side Macclesfield Town, deserves to be at a club of much higher level.


“If somebody like Sol Campbell, with his resume, who he has played for, what he has won – possibly at the time there may have been an argument that he was England’s best centre-half – if he has had to go to the bottom of League Two, which I wouldn’t mind doing, and others get to be here, why would I want to do that?” questioned Rose.

Rose, along with Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling, have now become the leading voices on the rising issue of racism in football. Sterling, who too faced similar instances both at domestic as well as international level, took it social media slamming the illicit practices of racism.

His posts on various media received a lot of attention and many retired players, pundits as well as his teammates raised their voice against the perpetrators.

“He won an award last night and it’s just brilliant the positive things that are said about him, because it’s true. He’s one of the nicest people I’ve come across,” said Rose after the City forward was awarded the Integrity and Impact Award at the BT Sports Sports Industry Awards 2019.

“Even being involved with him at England, when there was negativity around him, his mood and mentality never changed.”