The German gaffer laughed off the notion by calling it as a boost for Liverpool.

A day after the idea of European Super League coming into action from the year 2022 made news, plenty of mixed reactions were recorded by the officials of various clubs. Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp also opened up on his views regarding the notion of the League. The German had previously termed the UEFA Nations League as the most senseless competition in the world and although he didn’t rant against the idea of the new European league, he certainly did not support it either.

Nevertheless, the 51-year-old did make some humour out of it saying, “It sounds really nice because it sounds like fewer games and much more money,” said Klopp in a conference succeeding Liverpool’s exhilarating draw against Arsenal at the Emirates Stadium.

“I am completely fine with how the league football is at the moment. At least it’s an idea (the League) that we won’t do immediately,” he added.

Furthermore, he also talked about the flaws in the hypothetical competition such as lack of sufficient input from the clubs and other stakeholders and that UEFA and FIFA must take a necessary look at it.


“I’m not even sure if somebody spoke about it, to be honest. It looks like all the wonderful ideas of UEFA and FIFA.”

“They do them immediately, they don’t ask. And then you see, ‘Oh, okay we have 20 games more and not more money.”

On the other hand, a report from Der Spiegel suggested that Bundesliga champions Bayern Munich attempted to lead some of the European big shots into the breakaway competition. Manchester United, Chelsea, Manchester City, Arsenal and Liverpool were the clubs, particularly named in the reports who might have been tipped by the Bavarian club to join the new League. The magazine claims that it’s allegations are based on documents obtained from Football Leaks, a whistleblower website.

However, the club’s chairman Karl-Heinz Rummenigge rubbished the allegations and suggested that the club could take a legal action against the magazine publication.