The Gunners will play Sheffield United and Chelsea in their upcoming Premier League fixtures.

Arsenal currently are 10th in the Premier League, having won only one game of the last five. The Gunners drew with Crystal Palace over the weekend when they were reduced to 10-men after Pierre Emerick Aubameyang was sent off. But despite the outing, head coach Mikel Arteta was pleased with the aggressive approach and insists that they are on the right track.

Mikel Arteta, who joined Arsenal in December, has registered two wins out five games which include a 2-0 home win over fifth-placed Manchester United in the Premier League.

Talking to Arsenal, the boss said, “I asked them to go 100 miles per hour to chase the ball, to be very aggressive when we didn’t have it, to win it back as quickly as possible and they tried to do that.”

“We need to know that there are certain areas we can do it. Against these kinds of teams, it’s dangerous because they bring the two centre backs up. They put the ball in the box and you have to defend.”

“Their goal was a consequence of a sequence of a number of things that happened afterwards. We have to know to play these situations a little bit better. In terms of effort and spirit that they showed – it was top.

“It’s game management, it’s game moments, and we’ll get better at it. We need to know that at this type of ground, that we don’t want to put ourselves on the back foot in set-piece situations because they are really good and work a lot on it,” Mikel Arteta concluded.

The Gunners play Sheffield United in the coming weekend. The Blades are seven points shy from the fourth spot and just two points behind Manchester United.