The Reds are now 17 points ahead of defending champions Manchester City.

Premier League side Liverpool FC beat Tottenham Hotspur 1-0 on Saturday to extend their lead out on the top as they are now 16 points ahead of second-placed Leicester City. Roberto Firmino scored the only goal of the game at the 37th-minute mark.

But Jurgen Klopp insists that despite scoring the winner, the Brazilian international apologised for wasting a number of chances and insisted that he should have scored earlier.

The head coach said, “When I went to him and wanted to give him a hug after the game, he wanted to stop and talk first.”

“He said: ‘I know I should have scored more goals’. It was absolutely not what I wanted to say!'”

“It is true probably. He should have scored immediately with the first chance.”

“He(Roberto Firmino) is a super player, super. I don’t say this for the first time and will hopefully not say it for the last time. [He’s] pretty impressive.”

Talking about the game and Giovani Lo Celso’s missed chance in the final minutes that would have forced the Red to settle for a draw, Jurgen Klopp said, “We had to play for it and in the end we had to fight for it, really hard.”

“We could have closed this game earlier; we should have I would say. The chances were clear. We had moments when we didn’t make chances, but they were ones I would say usually would have to be a 100 per cent chance.”

“I think we played some exceptional football to bring in Andy Robertson on the touchline but then we didn’t find the free player or the defender blocked the last ball. We could have done better in these moments, but then it was only 1-0 and that’s normal.”

“Against a team like Tottenham, it is not decided and in the end we needed luck in one situation and Alisson in two or three other situations.”