The Argentine boss believes that the English transfer window should work along with the rest of Europe.

After two Premier League game weeks, Tottenham Hotspur boss Mauricio Pochettino has insisted that the decision to close the English transfer window before the domestic season starts was a mistake. The Gaffer is uncertain about his crucial player Christian Eriksen as the transfer rumours around him continue to grow.

The Danish midfielder is keen on shifting to Spain as Real Madrid have identified him as an ideal replacement to their prime target Paul Pogba. And should the player leave, Spurs will be without his replacement until January 2020.

“I wasn’t in agreement [with the decision] but at that moment they believed that was best for the clubs,” said the Spurs manager.

“But I think he [Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy] and a lot of people now realise it was a massive mistake. I hope that we fix the problem for the next season.”

“We need to go back and operate in the same way that they operate in Europe because I think it’s massive when you go to compete in the Europa League or Champions League.”

“Champions League teams can create a problem for a team like us and it’s so clear that I cannot be happy as a coach that in the last three weeks clubs from Europe can unsettle your team.”

“For me it’s not common sense and we need to go back quick, hope they have a good conversation at the Premier League and go back quickly [to how it was].”

Along with Eriksen, Pogba and Alexis Sanchez are also on the radar of the European clubs. Juventus is keen on signing Pogba and Sanchez has attracted interests from Inter.