The corporate investors have volunteered to step aside if the club’s hierarchy do not agree with their vision for the outfit.

Speculations regarding a feud between the East Bengal club management and their investors Quess Corporation have been on air since their Super Cup debacle. With every passing day, the difference between both parties have only increased.

One year earlier the Red and Gold management announced their new investor to the fold. Since then Quess has been in the pinnacle of all club related affairs and despite finishing second in the I-League, the supporters are in support of the work Quess has done last season. The Bengaluru based organization also brought in Spanish head coach Alejandro Garcia Menendez along with his support staff, who drastically improved the whole team’s performance.

There was reportedly a meeting held on 28th March between Quess and East Bengal officials discussing over the club’s future. The investors reportedly also spoke about the feud and discussed regarding their future at the club.

The investors have clearly stated their stance and have informed the officials that they are ready to step aside if they find a better organization to invest in their team.

The feud between both parties were going on for quite some time now but it was all the more evident after Quess decided to stand with the I-League clubs in unison and boycott the Super Cup this season. Hence both the club officials and representatives from Quess have met the AIFF Disciplinary committee in a meeting discussing the punishment the clubs are about to face as a repercussion to their Super Cup boycott.

Quess have also informed the club officials of their disinterest of participating in the Indian Super League as they are focusing on building a team for the I-League next season. The point of disinterest from Quess is mainly from the hefty participation fees that they need to pay to the FSDL. However on the hindsight, East Bengal’s primary deal while tying the knot with Quess was to play in the ISL within three years. So as things are looking the Red and Golds are headed to feature in the I-League for the second season under Quess and this definitely agitates the club officials.

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Most of the decisions regarding the club are now taken by the officials of Quess Corporation without the consent of the club officials, which is a major point of the whole clash. The club officials are frustrated that their opinion isnt considered in the club matters, also they are currently not satisfied with the selection of players made by Quess.

The officials have also questioned the recruitment plans of the investors as most of the foreign players are on their way out. Players like Enrique Esqueda and Johnny Acosta have confirmed their departures, and Toni Dovale is also rumoured to follow their lead. Whereas Kassim Aidara and Jaime Santos Colado aren’t sure about their future either. Only Borja Gomez Perez has vowed to stay at the club and has signed contract extension. Hence with so many uncertainties, the club officials aren’t sure about the recruitment policy and where the team is headed for the next season.

However, amid all the differences, it won’t be easy for the club officials and management to find another investor immediately with the club reaching a glorious landmark of 100 years. It will be interesting to see how things follow up between both parties in the coming months.