The Euro 2016 winner has been caught in a mire of sexual assault allegations lately.

The limelight has been on Cristiano Ronaldo since his shocking move to Juventus. The Portuguese talisman has been in the headlines ever since. Be it for struggling form in the early stages or for the current rape allegations, Ronaldo has always been amidst speculations.

The 32-year old is accused of rape by Kathyrn Mayorga from an incident back in 2009 in Las Vegas. Although Ronaldo has fervidly denied the accusations claiming that it was all consensual with the accuser.

After the release of his statement, this was the first time he spoke to Sky Sports and he mostly focused on his impact on and off the field and how his legal is working on the situation in prevailing the truth from this matter.

Ronaldo spoke in a press conference ahead of his big “homecoming” clash, as Manchester United hosts Juventus for a Champions League match.

“I know that I am [an] example. I know, 100 per cent. In the pitch and outside the pitch. So I’m always smiling, I’m a happy man, I’m blessed that I play in a fantastic club, I have a fantastic family, I have four kids, I am healthy, I have everything so the rest doesn’t interfere on me so I’m very very glad.”

Speaking of his legal team, the Juventus forward seemed very confident and claimed that he has people looking after matters which helps him to put his complete focus on the field and on his family.

“We did the statement two weeks ago if I’m not wrong, so I’m glad. Of course, I’m not going to lie on this situation.”

“I’m very happy, my lawyers they are confident and of course I am too so the most important [thing is] I enjoy the football, I enjoy my life, the rest I have people who take care of my life and of course the truth is always coming in the first position, so I’m good.”


Both Juventus and Manchester United are coming fresh off from draws in their previous league games. Juve dropped points against Genoa while Manchester United were denied victory against Chelsea courtesy of a last minute equaliser from Ross Barkley. 

It will also be an emotional moment for Ronaldo facing his former side at the Old Trafford. Although the Portuguese talisman is in scintillating form for his new club and we can definitely expect fireworks from this exciting bout.