The Transstadia engulfs a lot of facilities which have never been seen before in the country, and the National team can only benefit from them.

Honourable Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi inaugurated one of the Asia’s biggest multi-purpose stadium on 1st July this year in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. TransStadia Arena is a project worth Rs. 550 crores, which uses world-class technology for stand convertibility from Stadi-Arena UK, and seat-retract ability by T-Box, both patented technologies and being the pioneers in India and other notable technological advancements. 

Indian National Team manager Stephen Constantine paid a visit to the state-of-the-art stadium on 21st September, to check the facilities at its disposal. He was rather excited after looking at the development of the Arena. After traveling through the facilities and the world-class Sports Science center, Stephen said, “This is really a nice pitch, the surface is quite good and it could surely be somewhere the national team would come to practice and to train hard, hopefully, things work out.”

Everything Stephen Constantine had to say

The Englishman continued, “So far, what I have seen is really good, obviously, we have our own sports science lab but the facilities present here are great. I don’t think there are many of those in the country. It’s a good thing to have a quite good facility and hopefully, we use it.”

Taking note of what the 54-year-old said, it is easily understandable that the Indian National team will play some of its matches in the foreseeable future. Talking about the Transstadia, it is one of the only football stadiums in India which have the seating enclosures close to the pitch and is not divided by an athletic track. 

Some of the facility’s key features include:

  • StadiArena: air-conditioned 32,000 sq. ft. pillar-less multi-purpose indoor arena
  • T-box: modular and retractable seating systems.
  • Turf Protector – world’s only turf protection system manufactured from truly translucent HDPE material, it allows for continuous photosynthesis, which ensures optimal turf health, together with a 30-year UV degradation guarantee. 

In a recent turn of events, the Indian football national Team manager, Stephen Constantine turned up to this green patch to inspect the infrastructure and its suitability for the Indian National team. He was rather excited after looking at the development of the Arena.


Beatiful view of newly built TransStadia Arena

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