The I-League champions produced a resolute defensive display to thwart the ISL heavyweights.

When the I-League Champions clashed with the ISL champions as well as the defending Super Cup side on Thursday night, there were sure to be some interesting gameplay. Both teams were at it from the beginning and it proved to be one of the most entertaining games of this season.

The I-League side triumphed in a dominant display showing that I-League ruggedness to take home the vitory with Nestor Gordillo and Pedro Manzi scoring the goals while Chhetri pulled one back for the Blues.

Here are the ratings from the game.

Chennai City FC

Gaurav Bora – 8.0

The I-League emerging player of the year shone brightly and reigned in the likes of Miku and Chhetri and showed exceptional positional play. This was a bright example of Akbar Nawaz’s philosophy being translated on the pitch in this young lad. Bora was ambitious and precise leading the team and also providing long balls. A glowing prospect indeed!

Ajithkumar Kamaraj – 8.5

Throughout the recently concluded ISL season, defenders struggled to keep pace with Udanta. None could provide the crucial block or go toe to toe with him but Ajithkumar changed that on Thursday night as he made sure that his presence was felt and made the difference.

His coordination with Nestor Cordillo was phenomenal and he strode forward with ease and was hardly ever short of his man the whole night. May be India’s next competitor for the left back position.

Tarif Akhand -7.0

Tarif partnered Bora in the heart of the Chennai City defence and he was the silent of the two. He played his part well and did the needful diligence to keep the Blues at bay. He could have made no difference when Chhetri headed in the goal, but looked like one of the future stars to say the least.

Edwin Sydney Vanspaul – 8.0

Vanspaul was a miracle in the middle of the park. Alongside Sandro, he dictated the course of play successfully and made sure that the likes of Delgado and Khabra were mere spectators to his brilliance both on and off the ball.

He knew where he was at all points and also ensured that his players could connect with him. A wonderful game for the Chennai City midfielder.

Michael Regin – 8.0

A complete defensive midfielder, Regin played his part to perfection. Pitted against a formidable Bengaluru attack, Regin was rarely phased and at all times ready with the long ball or the short one between the lines. His brilliant work meant that Chennai City were fearless going up in attack and sturdy while defending.

Ameerudeen Mohaideen – 6.0

After doing really well in the last match, Ameeruddin started the game and created many problems early on. He was relentlessly running at Nishu and his performance was top notch to say the least. But all this wasn’t enough, as he was substituted later for Romario who is more of a regular in Akbar’s side.

Sriram – 7.0

A low key performance by Sriram, but an important one. He played the dirty game and put his feet where no man would go. His deft tackling and high pressing meant he opened the attack for the Chennai side and made the game quite entertaining.


Romario Jesuraj – 7.5

It is difficult to come  in later in the game and have the impact that Romario had. A big influence down the right wing, he justified Akbar’s deceiion to get him on in the 20th minute. Relentlessly running and putting in that crucial ball, Romario did what he was sent out to do with perfection.

Parvitto Raju- N/A

Replaced Michael Regin at the dying minutes of the game but could not do anything spectacular.


Bengaluru FC

Gurpreet Singh Sandhu– 3.0

Conceded twp goals in which he could not have done much. However, his performance has been below par for a long time now. After his return from Norway, his performance has been dipping and maybe it was at his lowest against Chennai City.

Harmanjot Singh Khabra- 4.0

Khabra was dominated by young Regin and he wasn’t able to play his natural game. Khabra should have been sent off for his careless tackle on Mauros Boerchio. The tackle could have resulted in something worse and the resulting yellow, meant that he had to be silent for the rest of the night.

Rahul Bheke- 6.0

Bheke was spectacular when his team wasn’t and tried his best to deal with the Chennai City attack. His long throws and physicality helped Bengaluru but the categorically weaker midfield ensured that the I-League champions couldn’t be contained by one man alone.

Nishu Kumar- 5.5

Kept pace with the opposition and was good on the ball till he had to pass it on. He was somehow not sure of what he was doing and despite being the one with superior pace against Romario, he was easily lured in to errors by trickery.

Udanta Singh- 6.0

Udanta Singh moved forward with urgency, always looking to break through on goal and create chances for his side. While he did create many, he was not supported well by his teammates. The speedster met his match in Ajithkumar and found it difficult to make his way past him.

Sunil Chhetri- 7.0

The Blues’ skipper was Bengaluru’s leader in attack. He did his part and was gutted that he could not do anything more. He scored a scorcher and then nearly setting up the equaliser which Delgado couldn’t complete. Sorry captain, the I-League side were the better team.


Boithang Haokip– N/A

Late appearance in a defeated cause.