EA Sports has announced an official story mode for FIFA 17 during their EA Play event.

Generations past and present from countries around the world, they all share the same ambition. One dream for many children is to become a footballer. Not just a footballer though, a great footballer.

To walk into the dressing room of famous stadiums across the world, represent a country on the grandest stage. And while such dreams might not become reality for everybody in life, we love achieving it on FIFA all the same.

For years now FIFA gamers have been able to try their hand in management with Career mode, or even develop their trade as a footballer in Player Career mode, but never has there ever been a story mode… until now.

You can check out EA Sports FIFA’s official “Journey” trailer below:

The EA Play presentation for FIFA 17 not only confirmed the speculation of a story mode for the game, but it also provided some details as to how it would look too.

It would seem that the story will be centred around a young player called Alex Hunter, playing his way into the Manchester United team. In fact, for those that have been watching the English Premier League this year, it looks very similar to the meteoric rise of Manchester United’s Marcus Rashford.


However, it won’t be just Manchester United that you can play for. You will be able to select any of the Premier League teams for Alex Hunter to play for, and will come in contact with their managers as well. Therefore, if you’re thinking about playing for a club like Chelsea, you can expect some interaction with their new manager Antonio Conte.

This highlights the addition of managers to the game as well, as seen with Jose Mourinho in FIFA 17’s first teaser trailer, managers have been scanned and included – much like players. And who else than Jose Mourinho was more fitting than to announce his arrival to FIFA 17, live on the EA Play stage.

FIFA 17 has an expected release date of September 27th in North America, with a global launch two days later on the 29th.

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Report courtesy to Game Zone