Three months worth of salaries are pending for several players of the club.

With Kolkata giants Mohun Bagan still reeling from the resignations of as much as 15 of their executive committee members, their luck finally seems to be turning for the better.

Former club President, Swapna Sadhan Bose (Tutu Bose), sent an email to the club’s general secretary, Anjan Mitra citing his wishes to donate  ₹1cr to the club. In the e-mail, Bose revealed that he intends the money to be used to pay the salaries of players on an ‘urgent’ basis.

This is the e-mail which was sent to the general secretary of Mohun Bagan by Tutu Bose

“I am deeply sad and disturbed at all the news reports about my beloved club which is going on all over the media,” read the e-mail sent to Mitra by the former club president. Bose added, “What is more disturbing is that the players are not getting their salary for the last three months. I believe that we might have many differences, but that should not affect the players because it is they who play and bring glory and laurels to our club.”

“In view of the above I have decided to give Rupees One Crore so that the salaries of players can be paid on an urgent basis,” the e-mail further added.


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A few days ago, when the executive committee members resigned and held a press conference in Kolkata to talk about the reasons behind their resignations the officials revealed a financial disparity in the club which had a debt of ₹3cr. In light of the squad, announced on the same day, the officials added that some of the players might leave in the middle of the season, due to their salaries being frozen.

However, if recent reports are to be believed, the club’s General Secretary Mitra has already secured ₹1cr for the club funds. Add to that, the donation from Bose will help the century-old club overcome financial difficulties in the near future.