The algorithm that governs football’s global rankings has been re-worked with a new procedure in place. 

It has been a few days since FIFA’s new ranking system came out and despite being revolutionary, it has left us with more questions than answers. Since before the FIFA World Cup earlier this year, the mysterious ranking system has been one of the talking points for football-lovers all over the world and now, it has come into reality with full effect.

In this article, we at Khel Now will take you through the new system and how it affects the rankings:

A shift in world rankings

The first thing that you must have realized is that the rankings of many countries whom you ardently follow have undergone an overhaul. France, the current world champions are at the top of the pecking order with a massive gain of 150 points, as they beat higher ranked teams on their way to World Cup glory.

Teams like Egypt, who had a nightmarish World Cup dropped by 77 points and came down 20 places, making them the biggest movers in the downward direction.

New Formula

If you have belonged to the geekdom of football or worked as a statistician then you must surely know the super complicated averaging system that was earlier used in football, which discouraged teams from playing a huge number of games and also helped certain countries rise up, albeit by defeating lower ranked teams.

But fear no more, for here comes mathematics to the rescue. If you apply the current formula using the point guideline provided by FIFA, you can easily calculate the points your team has gained and thus know the rank of your team instantaneously. This eliminates the month-long wait for the new ranking order as each match hence played will take your team up or down the ladder of the rankings.


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Check out the new formula guidelines here.

How the formula affects who plays whom?

If you want more points, you play stronger opponents. That is the bottom line of the new ranking system and it basically means that the days of certain FA’s manipulating the rankings are over.

The points system assumes that the higher ranked teams are going to win against their lower ranked opponents unless you are playing in the knockout round of a competition. This basically means that, if let’s say, number 1 ranked, France were to be defeated by 98th ranked Qatar, France would drop a ton of points and Qatar would gain the same amount to skyrocket up the rankings.

Although this does discourage higher ranked teams from playing lower ranked ones, it also means that when you face a higher ranked opponent, there is a chance that your team’s rankings will skyrocket, if they win.