Weightlifter B Lakshmi clinched the Bronze Medal in the 55kg event at the Khelo India University Games 2021.

An elated B Lakshmi emerged from the weightlifting arena at the Jain University campus in Bengaluru after she clinched a Bronze Medal in the 55kg event at the Khelo India University Games 2021. Not able to control her excitement, she said, “I am so happy right now, this is my first medal in a competition that has participants from all over the country.”

Lakshmi, who recorded a total of 161kg (Snatch – 74kg & Clean and Jerk – 87kg) in the KIUG event for Mangalore University, narrated an interesting story about what motivates her to perform in weightlifting,

“I have always been inspired by my brother. He is really smart and has always done well in academics. He attained the 15th rank in the Karnataka CET Exam. When he achieved that, I felt like even I have to achieve something. I draw motivation from my brother.”

The weightlifter, who hails from a village in Chitradurga District in Karnataka, spoke about the extensive support she has received from her mother, “I have reached this level only because of the energy, time and effort my mother has put in supporting me. I live in a village where nobody supports the idea of girls getting into sports or weightlifting. But no matter what people had to say, my mother always supported me and took care of me.”

In order to be successful in the sporting arena, Lakshmi has shown incredible determination by training in weightlifting and carrying out a part-time job, “I work at a hair salon in Bengaluru and train when I get time. I have to balance both careers. I use the funds I attain from my job for my weightlifting training.”

Lakshmi also spoke about her experience at the Khelo India University Games 2021.

“The organization of the competition at Jain University was very nice. From the food to travel to accommodation, everything was really nice. I really liked how the organizers took care of everything for the athletes and they were very respectful and responsive to us,” the weightlifter signed off.

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