The 41-year-old is suffering from liver cancer and needs urgent treatment.

Former Asian Games gold medallist boxer Dingko Singh, who is suffering from cancer, has requested the Sports Ministry to help him travel to Delhi from Manipur for treatment.

Dingko Singh, who has been asked by the doctors to undergo radiation, which could only be done in Delhi. However, the ongoing nationwide lockdown until May 3 means that the 41-year-old cannot travel to the capital city for his treatment.

Speaking to ANI, Dingko Singh said, “Doctors had asked me to undergo radiation which is to be done in Delhi after that I was to undergo chemo.”

“However, there is no transportation facility due to the lockdown. I had booked tickets many times keeping in mind the lockdown period but it has extended, so tickets got cancelled. The doctor in Delhi suggested I get chemo first in Manipur then they will plan for my radiation.”

“So, I went to the doctor in Manipur but he said that my bilirubin levels are high so they cannot give me chemo at the moment.”

As the major long-distance transport services are currently halted, Dingko Singh planned to reach Delhi via road through an ambulance. However, the doctors seemed to have suggested against that move considering his health condition currently.

The veteran boxer quipped, “I also planned to come by ambulance but due to the long journey, doctors said it will not be good. If the ministry helps me to get to Delhi, it would be really helpful because then everything can be done in one place.”

Dingko Singh was a bantamweight boxer who won the gold medal in the 1998 edition of the Asian Games in the 54kg category.

He was awarded with the Arjuna award that year and then honored with the Padma Shri in 2013. The boxer also emerged victorious in the King’s Cup in 1997. He was first diagnosed with liver cancer in October-November 2016. Singh underwent a surgery in January 2017 for the same and 70% of his liver was removed in that process.

He was also asked about any possible aids from the Boxing Federation of India. The celebrated pugilist replied, “I do not know whether BFI is aware of it or not but in the past, they had helped me.”

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