The boxer has fallen to hard times despite contributing to the country in the field of sports.

Abid Khan is a national-level boxer and a qualified coach, who was also a student at the prestigious National Institute of Sports, Patiala. He has represented Panjab University in the past and coached army boxing teams for five years.

A glorious boxer back in the day, however, has fallen to hard times. Abid Khan’s plight was brought forward to the world by Sports Gaon, a YouTube channel, through a video spanning 17-minutes. The former boxer has resorted to driving an auto to make ends meet, thereby garnering a lot of sympathy from the people of the country. The discussion is about the deplorable situation of India’s sportspersons.

Despite having been a successful boxer and a coach in his younger days, Khan began to drive an auto due to circumstances and financial difficulties. He delivers grain sacks in the market and barely manages to make ends meet. 

Khan is a father of two sons. After going through a lot of difficulties in finding a job despite a background in boxing, he persuaded his sons to not take up a career in sports. He now hopes to get back into coaching but due to financial issues, is not able to do so. 

Farhan Akhtar comes out to support

Since the video depicting his ordeal has been released, a lot of support for Abid Khan has poured in. Some have expressed disappointment with the way sportspersons in our country are treated. 

Farhan Akhtar, a famous Bollywood actor who has played iconic roles such as Milkha Singh in Bhaag Milkha Bhaag, has also come forward to lend a helping hand.

One twitter user says that similar to Khan, plenty of hockey players of yesteryears have to go through similar experiences:

Here is the video depicting Abid Khan’s story:

The story of Abid Khan reminds the people of the country how our sportspersons need to be treated better. They must be afforded all the support by the authorities and be provided with the resources to sustain themselves. There are many figures like Khan who have suffered due to disappointing treatment by the concerned authorities after giving their services to the nation.

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