The Roland-Garros is postponed till September due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Star Indian Tennis player Sania Mirza has raised concerned about the postponement of the French Open 2020 and the after-effects of rescheduling on a later date. Many players voiced their opinion against the decision by the French Open Committee as they feel they weren’t consulted before making a decision.

“I just think that there’s a lot going (on) in the world right now and everybody has their hands full. Sure, the players should have been informed. I did get an email from the federation but I was asleep then. Once I was up, I saw the email and then the tweet and spoke to a couple of players and they were obviously very irritated because they first found out about it on Twitter,” she quoted via ESPN.

She further added, “I’m not sure how the French Open is going to fit into the schedule. Hopefully, things blow over and we should be able to play the US swing. But I don’t know how we are going to suddenly play a clay tournament one week after the hard-court season.”

Sania Mirza also expressed her disappointment on the cancellation of Indian Wells tournament, “I’d finished Fed Cup on Saturday and together with my dad we left for Indian Wells soon after. An hour after we reached California on Sunday evening, players got an email saying the tournament was cancelled. So I had traveled 20 hours basically for nothing,”

However, Sania Mirza also understands that the concerned authorities had to come up with a decision amidst the ongoing crisis, “Everybody was in a bit of shock on Monday. No one knew what to do. I freaked out. I was also confused about what was going on. In hindsight, it was the right call. There was just so much uncertainty. Nobody really knew the magnitude of what was happening. Maybe the timing could have been better.”