The National Governing Body for Hockey in India had contributed Rs 25 lakh earlier this week.

In a big step towards helping India’s fight against COVID-19 Pandemic, Hockey India has announced an additional ₹ 75 lakh towards the PM Cares Fund. On April 1, It had announced the contribution of Rs 25.00 lakhs towards the cause. 

However, the Hockey India executive board took a unanimous decision to grow the contribution to a total of ₹ 1.00 crore to the PM Cares Fund. 

“In the wake of this crisis, it is the need-of-the-hour to step up and come together to stand with the Government of India who is doing everything they can to fight the COVID-19 pandemic. Over the years, we have received tremendous support from the people of this country who have kept us motivated through various challenges. This is the time to give back to the people of India in whatever we can,” stated Mohd Mushtaque Ahmad, President, Hockey India. 

Secretary-General of Hockey India, Rajinder Singh reflected the President’s thoughts and said, “We have always believed in helping those in need and I am proud the Executive Board took this unanimous decision to contribute a total of Rs 1.00 Crore towards the PM Cares Fund. With millions of Indian lives affected because of this pandemic, it was important for us to step up keeping in mind the interest of the nation.” 

CEO Elena Norman further added, “Hockey India has been built by the nation and hence must do as much as we can for the nation during these testing times. We hope our contribution of Rs 1.00 crore to the PM Cares Fund will help provide vital facilities to those in need. With this, we support all heroic efforts being made to fight this pandemic.”