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Top Australian Sports for Betting: A Comprehensive Guide

Published at :March 18, 2024 at 6:44 PM
Modified at :April 22, 2024 at 1:03 PM
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Australia, known for its passion for sports, offers a wide array of options for sports betting enthusiasts. From iconic events like the Australian Open in tennis to the fast-paced action of Australian Rules Football, there’s something for everyone to wager on. 

Cricket, another beloved sport in the country, attracts millions of viewers both domestically and internationally, making it a prime target for betting activities. With such a diverse range of sports to choose from, Australian bettors have ample opportunities to engage in thrilling betting experiences.

When we talk about sports betting, it’s about deciding what the results of a sports game would be before it’s played and then wagering stakes on that. And bettors can stake on any games at all that support sports betting even up to horse races like we have in the Australian Melbourne Cup.

Rise of online sports betting in Australia 

The Internet gambling market is expanding and offers corporations a lot of money. With new betting sites coming up virtually every week, the market is positioned for a successful outcome, as it is expected to rise from USD 60.63 billion in 2023 to USD 103.74 billion by 2028, with a strong compounded annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.34% over the period between now and 2028.

As of 2022, 66 percent of people on the planet have access to the web, according to data from the International Telecommunication Union (ITU). Online betting sites are very popular all around the world in large part because of this extensive internet connection.

Furthermore, mobile app-based lottery games have become increasingly popular thanks in large part to smartphones. Users can effortlessly gamble from the convenience of their place. 

Because of its incredible customer experience and easy-to-use interface, betting at casinos is flourishing. With a huge selection of sports such as slot machines, poker, and sports betting, online gambling services have everything for gamers of all skill levels. 

Top Australian Sports for Betting 

Aussie Rules

Aussie Rules is one of the best choices of Australian games to bet on. It is arguably the most popular sport in the country at that for a fact, and you might rarely find a state or region that doesn’t host the game.

The Aussie Rules sports also garners a vast audience and is now quickly progressing to global viewing levels. That’s because the popularity at home has pushed the AFL to go worldwide in a bid for even more popularity and fanship. Now, New Zealand and China have already been hosts of the games and Japan or even the United States could host soon as well!


Basketball is also a worthy mention among the list of the most widely recognised sports for betting in Australia. Even with the massive attraction of interest from the Americans by the NBA, the NBL’s Oceania League has its fair and large share of fan audience as well. 

Horse Racing

Another particularly widely followed sport around the globe for betting is horse racing. It is also the same in Australia. In actuality, horse racing is very popular in Australia, where one of the greatest race events in the world’s calendar is the Melbourne Cup. 

Horseback riding ranks among the most popular sports in the nation if you merge flat and hurdles events. Every year, several billions of dollars are staked on it.


If someone were asked to speculate on which sport is featured in the most widely-used sports gambling markets in Australia, the answer would probably be football, or soccer, based on your orientation. You’d be correct to believe that as well. 

For Australian bookies, it’s an immense industry. It is the most renowned sport in the world, has a greater commercial allure than almost any other sport, and, to top it all off, is also very well-liked in Australia, whether it is being played, watched, or gambled on.

Cricket and tennis

Australia’s fondness of cricket, especially the Ashes Series, which features the usually friendly rivalry involving Australia and England and inevitably draws some huge wagers from either side as well as heavy gambling is one way that the country’s English heritage is preserved.

Australian sports lovers might also find tennis betting to be very thrilling. Every year, Australians swarm to Melbourne for the grandest tennis tournament, the Australian Open. This tournament draws a lot of players who play for actual money since it provides a global stage for professional tennis.


Similar to cricket, Australia has done quite nicely in rugby over time. However, this isn’t the sole factor contributing to its high ranking among products that Australians find entertaining. 

People are hooked at an earlier age since the sport is introduced in schools as a component of the educational programme. From there, they may easily access the games thanks to the nationwide sports broadcast. Moreover, there are domestic leagues.

Some Top Bookmakers in Australia


One of the most significant and most reputable corporations globally, Bet365 has established a strong presence in Australia. Bet365 Australia is secure and has a valid license. Since its establishment in 1974, the betting corporation has expanded throughout many nations.


Having been initially authorized in 1994, Sportsbet Australia is currently among the top operators of gambling services in the nation. More than 1.2 million people have signed up with Sportsbet. Additionally, the business is a strong advocate for responsible gambling.


TopSport is regarded by many to be among Australia’s most equitable online bookmakers. The business is well-known across the globe for its operations, and in Australia, it has also succeeded in becoming quite well-liked by local gamblers. TopSport is currently granted complete authorization by the NSW Government to operate an online gambling business in Australia.

Bet Unibet

A member of Kindred Group, Unibet is an online sportsbook that provides the ideal horse racing betting platform. Annually, bettors may wager on more than 300,000 events on the Unibet website. 


Due to its emphasis on horse racing, which is greatly valued by Australians, Ladbrokes, a reputable and widely recognised online bookmaker, made its entry into the industry. The business uses the license that Entain Group Pty Ltd. was granted for its operations.

Understanding Australian Sports Betting Regulations

The regulation by the Federal and State governments on betting activities in Australia is quite a big deal. Every bookmaker must have licensed authority to handle sensitive information of customers and handle transactions. 

These checks are put in place to uphold the people’s security and a few of them include;

  • No online slots.

It’s prohibited to play casino games and online slots to win money in the country.

  • No welcome offers from the bookies.

The sports bookmakers are also not permitted to give their customers incentives to fund new accounts with a welcome bonus. But there are still many other promotions you can make use of.

Impact of Technology on Sports Betting in Australia

Technological innovation has completely changed how we view and engage with sports in the current era. Sports have grown to be a significant aspect of the world around us, and they are no longer just for enjoyment. 

And with the advancement of technology, sports betting is now easier than ever. From the comfort of your home or somewhere else, you can stream matches and place wagers. Both professional investors and amateur gamblers are finding fascinating new prospects in this new computerized betting landscape.

Technology is driving an ongoing transition in the sports betting sector. Future developments in both virtual and augmented realities should lead to an ever greater depth of gambling adventures. In addition, the emergence of esports and internet streaming services has given sports bettors access to never-before-seen possibilities.

The opportunities are genuinely endless, but one thing is for sure: technology will never stop transforming the way we wager on sports. Thus, buckle in for a thrilling adventure and relish the thrill of this constantly changing terrain!


Is It Legal To Bet on Sports in Australia? 

Yes, to put it briefly. It is permitted to wager on games and race horses in the nation. Also, the Interactive Gambling Act of 2001 states that while in-play sports betting is prohibited, online games featuring straight bets, teasers, futures, and parlays are permitted forms of gambling. Putting a wager on a sporting event that has begun is referred to as in-play betting, sometimes referred to as in-running betting.

How Do You Place Bets?  

Online gambling on sporting events is the norm. Bookies, as they are commonly called, are websites that function as bookmakers. These websites provide wagering on both sporting and non-sporting activity. 

The internet platforms not only accept but also establish the odds and make bets. In addition, bookies distribute earnings for the benefit of third parties.

Does Australia forbid matched betting?

In Australia, matched betting is completely permissible. Match betting is completely legal in so far as one is not under eighteen years of age. We are merely utilizing the bookies’ readily accessible promos as matched bettors, and we legally place our bets by utilizing the greatest valued odds, which are also accessible to everyone.


Australians are naturally ardent sports fans, and this enthusiasm carries over into the realm of sports betting. But it’s crucial to wager sensibly and mindfully watching your financial limits. 

While sports betting can be exciting, it’s important to maintain self-control and never wager more than what you can stomach losing. Recall that the pleasure of the game itself brings actual happiness and the additional thrill of a wise gamble serve as only a nice extra.