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Asian Games 2023: Indian men’s 3×3 basketball beat Malaysia, women’s start with defeat

Karishmit KeswaniKarishmit Keswani

September 25 2023
Asian Games 2023 3x3 basketball
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Pranav Prince played his first international 3×3 match.

In an electrifying display of 3×3 basketball prowess, the Indian men’s team achieved an impressive and comfortable victory over the Malaysian team in their opening encounter of Asian Games 2023. The match unfolded as a thrilling showcase of strategic brilliance, individual talent and effective teamwork. India managed to secure the win by expertly managing the game clock, while maintaining a four-point lead, a testament to their skillful execution of game management techniques.

Two standout players from the Indian team, Pranav Prince and Sekhon, emerged as pivotal figures in this victory. Their remarkable skills and synergy with their teammates allowed India to assert control over the proceedings. Prince and Sekhon orchestrated plays with precision, showcasing their ability to create scoring opportunities while maintaining a staunch defensive presence.

Nevertheless, the match was not without its fair share of nail-biting moments. With just seconds remaining on the clock, Malaysia valiantly fought to regain possession of the ball, aiming to level the score. In a twist of fate, a goaltending violation by Sekhon allowed Malaysia to secure an additional point, injecting an unexpected dose of suspense into the closing moments.

However, Malaysia’s efforts proved insufficient to bridge the gap, and India emerged triumphant.

Women’s Team – India vs. Uzbekistan

In contrast to the men’s match, the Indian women’s 3×3 basketball team faced a formidable challenge against a dominant Uzbekistan squad. Right from the opening tip-off, it became evident that the Uzbekistan women’s team had arrived with a determined gameplan to assert their authority. Their relentless pace and unwavering commitment to a commanding performance made it arduous for the Indian women to establish their rhythm.

Throughout the course of the contest, Uzbekistan maintained relentless pressure on the Indian side, refusing to yield an inch. Despite India’s spirited efforts, which included flashes of brilliance such as consecutive two pointers, Uzbekistan managed to preserve their lead. The match ultimately concluded with Uzbekistan securing a five-point advantage, a testament to their supremacy on the court.

Despite the defeat, the Indian women’s team exhibited resilience and moments of exceptional play. As they move forward in the competition, they will undoubtedly aim to regroup, analyze their strategies, and work on their game plan as they prepare to face the Republic of China in their next match.

Upcoming Matches

The Indian women’s 3×3 basketball team is set to take on the People’s Republic of China in their next pool match, scheduled for the 27th of September. This match presents an opportunity for the Indian team to make a fresh start in the competition and showcase their competitive spirit. These captivating 3×3 basketball matches unfolded at The Deqing Geographic Information Park Basketball Court in Hangzhou, China.

The second day of 3×3 basketball action at the Asian Games provided spectators with an enthralling display of skill, teamwork and determination. While the Indian men’s team celebrated their well-deserved triumph, the women’s team faced a relentless Uzbekistan squad that proved to be a formidable adversary. As the competition progresses, fans eagerly await more thrilling encounters on the courts of Hangzhou, where the resilience and tenacity of these athletes continue to shine brightly.

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