The Portuguese superstar is currently a free agent

The year of 2022 has been turbulent for Portuguese legend Cristiano Ronaldo. Since he made the move back to his old club Manchester United he has been in trouble and did not looked at his best. Since 2003 to 2018 for about 15 years Ronaldo played for just two clubs Manchester United and Real Madrid. In last 4 years Ronaldo will be looking for a forced change. During the FIFA World Cup 2022 Manchester United broke ties with one of the greats in the game Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo just before the start of the World Cup had given an interview to Piers Morgan, where he criticised ManU and their manager Erik Ten Hag.

 Manchester United considering Ronaldo’s comment against manager Erik Ten Hag and against the Club as indiscipline and broke their relation with Cristiano Ronaldo. In most of the games for United Ronaldo was in reserve or in bench. Even before this controversy talks were on that Ronaldo wants to leave United and be part of club with Champions League dreams. United management then told Ronaldo to wait till the contract gets over. Now once again after playing in Italy for Juventus, in Premier League for Manchester United Ronaldo is in quest of his third destination in last four years. There are teams still interested in game time hungry Cristiano Ronaldo.

5. AS Roma – Italy

There are chances that Cristiano Ronaldo may unite with his one of the major supporter as manager and fan Jose Mourinho. Both these legends share mutual love and respect for each other. Mourinho was in charge of Real Madrid for 4 seasons where he worked with Cristiano Ronaldo. AS Roma might not immediately fulfill Ronaldo’s dream of playing in Champions League yet he may look back at moving to Italy for a new and fresh start after United’s nightmare. Ronaldo played for an Italian club Juventus for 3 seasons.

Who is G.O.A.T of Football?
Lionel Messi
  • 28211 ( 64.02 % )
Cristiano Ronaldo
  • 15853 ( 35.98 % )

4. Al-Hilal – Saudi Arab

If not in Europe, Cristiano Ronaldo might sign a deal with Saudi Arabian club Al–Hilal. There are talks going around that Al–Hilal has also approached Cristiano Ronaldo for blockbuster deal. If Ronaldo make a move to Saudi Pro League this will be a game changer not only for football in Saudi Arab but for an Asian League to fetch more business. Rumours are also going around that Al _- Nassr has also approached Ronaldo to play for them and then be the ambassador of the game.

3. Chelsea – England

Chelsea were looking for Cristiano Ronaldo since last year, as per few reports Ronaldo’s disappointed with Manchester United came out when they stopped him from making a move from Manchester to London. The blues are still looking for this ace striker to compliment their young and upcoming team. They want to use the mix of his experience and young players for their best. Chelsea is still trying to get Ronaldo on their side, will be interesting to see how they will make that happen.

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2. Marseille – France

Cristiano Ronaldo was having talks with Marseille this summer for a possible move to French league. Ronaldo being a free agent before the start of second half after International break may look for fresh challenge with Marseille. This move will again setup his clash with his old rival Lionel Messi. After Messi’s World Cup win this clash in French league will be fresh start after a little break.

1 . Sporting CP – Portugal

Legend Cristiano Ronaldo is almost at the final years of his glorious football career. Ronaldo started his career with Sporting CP where he impressed Six Alex Ferguson and moved to England from here. Ronaldo may once again make a move back to his first club where he started off. A return to where he began his career and end his career at the same pace will be the most fitting end for Ronaldo.

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