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Phil Foden becomes the fastest player to reach 100 Premier League match wins

Rajarshi Shukla

May 22 2023
Phil Foden Manchester City Premier League

Despite being marred with injuries this season the Manchester City star has enjoyed an excellent campaign

Manchester City‘s Phil Foden has reached a remarkable career milestone by winning 100 Premier League matches faster than any other player in the competition’s history. Foden’s accomplishment demonstrates his extraordinary potential and the effect he has made in the league since his debut.

Foden has an incredible 100 wins in 127 games, demonstrating his ability to regularly contribute to his team’s success. This incredible achievement demonstrates his talent, work dedication, and the encouragement he has gotten from his coaches and fellow players.

In addition, has Foden helped secure successes, but he is additionally a productive goalscorer. With 34 goals, he has established himself as a dangerous attacking danger for Manchester City.

His 18 assists also highlight his ability to set up scoring chances for other players, exhibiting his range of skills and intelligence on the field.

While earning 100 wins, Foden has also been defeated 14 times, demonstrating that he has faced difficulties and setbacks during his career. His capacity to claw his way back and participate in his team’s fulfilment, on the other hand, demonstrates his perseverance and determination.

Foden’s achievements go beyond individual statistics. With five trophies to his name, he has been an integral part of Manchester City’s domestic success.

These victories include Premier League titles, demonstrating Foden’s impact in earning big honours for his squad.

Phil Foden’s achievement of 100 Premier League victories in such a short period of time is impressive. It emphasises his remarkable talent, consistent results, and contribution to Manchester City’s success.

Foden will undoubtedly remain an influential player in the Premier League for many years to come as he continues his growth and maturity.

Phil Foden has won 100 Premier League games faster than any other player in the competition’s the course of history:

  • 127 games
  • 100 wins
  • 34 goals
  • 18 assists
  • 14 defeats
  • 5 titles

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