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The Kolkata giants came back in the second half with everything they had. Mohun Bagan played with a higher presence on the pitch while enabled them to regain lost possession from Bengaluru FC and the equaliser by Sony Norde in the early minutes of the second half. However, after the equaliser, the pace of the game decreased severely as both the sides looked like to wait it out with the scoreline, and they did! See you later folks, good night!

90’+3′ Peeps! The referee whistles to indicate the end of the match! Mohun Bagan draws against Bengaluru FC in a 1-1 showdown and heads to the semi-final to play East Bengal while Bengaluru also heads towards the semi-final to play Aizawl FC!

90’+2′ Lenny Rodrigues is injured and is coming out. Prabir Das is helping the Bengaluru forward to walk outside the pitch.

90′ 3 minutes of time is added by the assistant referee to the second half.

90′ Substitution: Pritam Kotal IN, Subhasish Bose OUT.

88′ Just two minutes left on the clock as Bengaluru digs deep inside their box, trying to hold the current scoreline.

84′ Udanta Singh with a great run to the Mohun Bagan penalty box and delivers the ball to Nishu Kumar on the left but the young defender is brought down by Kinshuk Debnath and the ball goes back into the game.

81′ Substitution: Nishu Kumar IN, Alwyn George OUT.

79′ If the score remains unchanged, Mohun Bagan will top the group and will head towards a Kolkata derby in the semi-final against East Bengal.

78′ It looks like Bagan wants to keep a hold of the current scoreline as the Bagan players are seen passing among themselves in the back, not allowing the Bengaluru players to get the possession.

74′ Yellow card! Seiminlen Doungel is shown a yellow card by the referee.

71′ Substitution: Prabir Das IN, Sony Norde OUT.

68′ Substitution: Udanta Singh IN, Cameron Watson OUT.

66′ Substitution: Sehnaj Singh IN, Souvik Chakrabarti OUT.

64′ Looks like Sehnaj Singh is coming on for Mohun Bagan.  

61′ Watson trying to get away with the ball but Mohun Bagan defenders track him down at the half line. Mohun Bagan is playing a very high line suddenly!

58′ Corner for Bengaluru FC, George takes the shot but the Bagan defenders deal with the threat professionally. 

56′ Looks like Bagan has found their rhythm in the second half as the Mariners are seen pressing the opponents. Bengaluru players have gone deep down to defend. 

53′ Substitution: Sunil Chhetri OUT, Zuala IN.

51′ Sunil Chhetri is injured and goes out of the pitch for treatment. However, it does not look like the Bengaluru skipper is going to continue anymore.

50′ GOOOAAAL! Sony Norde! The Haitian cuts in the middle from the wings and shoots with his weaker leg to the bottom left side of the bars.

49′ Duffy is warming up for Mohun Bagan. Looks like the Kolkata giants are going to make a change.

46′ And the second half is underway! Ladies and gentlemen, stay tuned.

A tactical brilliance from Albert Roca in the first half saw Bengaluru FC dominating the game after scoring an early goal. The Blues’ defenders displayed a superb defensive gameplay, denying Yusa Katsumi and Sony Norde any extra space in the wings and keeping possession of the ball in the centre of the pitch. Alwyn George and Sunil Chhetri showed a great offensive partnership in the Mohun Bagan penalty box, accompanied by Sandesh Jhingan in the final third. Mohun Bagan failed to break the supremacy of the Blues as they failed to stop waves of Bengaluru counter attacks and finally ending the half with a goal down. Be back in a few minutes, don’t go anywhere!

45’+1′ The referee whistles to indicate the conclusion of the first half! Mohun Bagan trails Bengaluru FC with 0 goals to nil! 

45′ 1 minute of extra time is added by the assistant referee to the first half.

42′ Katsumi receives an aerial ball in the Bengaluru box but decides to pass the ball backwards to Jeje who in turn is intercepted by the Bengaluru defenders and wastes the chance.

40′ It looks like Yusa Katsumi has interchanged positions to play side by side with Sony Norde on the left side of the pitch. However, Bengaluru players are doing a superb job marking both the foreigners as another Mohun Bagan counter attack goes outside.

38′ Yellow card! Sunil Chhetri!

37′ Surprisingly, Mohun Bagan is forced to play backwards and sidewards passes too often in the middle which is denying the Green and Maroon forwards to make direct runs to the opposition box.

34′ The game has died down a bit as Mohun Bagan struggles to keep possession of the ball at the centre of the pitch and Bengaluru running riot in the wings.

32′ Offside! Sunil Chhetri!

30′ Raju Gaikwad delivers a pinpoint cross to Jeje Lalpekhlua lurking beside the Bengaluru far post, who heads it to Yusa Katsumi who in turn heads the ball straight to the Bengaluru goalkeeper’s hands. Wasted chance for Mohun Bagan.

28′ Offside! Jeje Lalpekhlua!

26′ The Bengaluru defence has done a very good job marking Yusa Katsumi in the right wing, denying the Mariners any chances from the right side.

23′ Norde trying to impress the spectators once again! The Haitian winger cuts in the middle from the left side and tries to shoot on the bottom left side of the Bengaluru goal but is intercepted in the early minutes of the shot.

20′ Harmanjot Khabra with a cross aimed for Sandesh Jhingan who was lurking in the Mohun Bagan box, but the ball was intercepted in the air and sent back to the game by Eduardo.

18′ The Mohun Bagan midfield is struggling to keep possession at the centre of the park as  Bengaluru excels in it, courtesy of John Johnson and Lenny Rodrigues.

16′ Norde with an impressive run in the left side. The Haitian goes past Johnson and Salam Ranjan before being brought down by the latter.

15′ Sunil Chhetri tries to shoot just outside the penalty box but is intercepted by Kinshuk Debnath who blocks the ball and clears the threat. Corner for Bengaluru FC. 

11′ GOOOOAAAAL! Alwyn George dribbles past his marker in the right wing and shoots the ball in the bottom right corner of the goal and the ball goes behind the keeper and into the nets! 

7′ Two back to back corners by Bengaluru FC but the Blues fails to turn the opportunity in a goal. 

5′ Sony Norde with the first corner of the game but the threat is cleared by Doungel who sends the ball back into the play. 

4′ Bengaluru applying early pressure on the Kolkata giants but Mohun Bagan defenders deal with it perfectly and Norde takes the ball upfront for a counter attack. 

2′ Sandesh Jhingan fouls Bikramjit Singh who goes down in the process. The referee whistles to indicate the foul and awards a spot-kick to the Mariners.

1′ And the match is underway! Mohun Bagan face Bengaluru FC in their third match of the group stage of Federation Cup 2017!

7:03pm: The players are out on the pitch and shaking hands with each other before the toss. Don’t go anywhere lads, keep looking at the commentary. 

7:00pm: Bengaluru needs at least a point against Mohun Bagan tonight to qualify for the semi-final of this year’s Federation Cup from Group B. On the other hand, Mohun Bagan has already qualified to the semi-final after thrashing Chennai City and DSK Shivajians in their first two matches and acquiring six points in the process. Just minutes to go before the match starts, stay tuned!

6:55pm: On the other hand, Bengaluru FC is once again not starting their marquee signing Cornell Glen against Mohun Bagan tonight, which begs the question of his role with the club in this Federation Cup.

6:50pm: Surprisingly, the Mohun Bagan side is relying solely on striker Jeje Lalpekhlua to get goals against a strong Bengaluru FC defence, which might backfire to haunt the Mariners later in the match. Luckily, both Duffy and Balwant Singh are on the reserve bench waiting.

6:45pm: This is a comparatively less warm day in Barabati Stadium, Cuttack with a temperature of 32 degrees celsius. Added to it, a humidity of 65% will help both the sides tonight.

6:40pm: Mohun Bagan substitutions: Shilton (GK)Duffy, Balwant, Kotal, Sehnaj, Bikramjit, Prabir.

Bengaluru FC substitutions: Ralte (GK), Nishu, Sawmtea, Udanta, Daniel, Vineeth, Glen.

6:35pm: Mohun Bagan XI: Debjit (GK), Gaikwad, Eduardo, Debnath, Subhasish, Bikramjit, Katsumi, Lewis, Souvik, Norde, Jeje.

Bengaluru FC XI: Amrinder (GK), Juan, Johnson, Doungel, Lenny, Khabra, Chhetri (C), Jhingan, Watson, George, Ranjan.

6:30pm: Hello and welcome to the Federation Cup opener between Mohun Bagan and Bengaluru FC. This is your host Sourav Neogi.