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Revealed: Who are the top 10 women’s national teams in Asian football

June 23 2022
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Many of the names in the list will surprise you.

The latest update to the rankings of women’s international football teams took place on 17 June 2022. The International Federation of Association Football (FIFA) released the latest rankings, which saw the Indian national team jump three places from 59 to 56. Their highest-ever rank was 49 back in December 2013 and getting closer to it is a huge motivation for the players.

The first rank goes to the USWNT, while Sweden and France are second and third respectively. In terms of Asian teams, India are currently in 12th place and will hope to breach the top 10 in the near future. However, it makes for an interesting look as to which teams in Asia are the leading national teams in women’s football.

The rankings are decided after careful consideration of multiple factors by the concerned people at FIFA. Thanks to the latest update to the women’s international rankings, the data is readily available on which is the best Asian nation. On that note, here are the top 10 women’s national teams in Asia:

10. Myanmar

Myanmar are the tenth best Asian women’s national team in terms of the FIFA rankings. Their overall rank in the world stands at 48.

Interestingly, their previous total points stood at 1523.28 and they saw a reduction of -6.21 to end up at 1517.59 points. The outfit finished without a win in the recent AFC Asian Cup 2022 held in India.

9. Uzbekistan

Uzbekistan are the ninth-best Asian women’s national team after the recent update. Their points total sees a small jump of 0.19 points, taking their tally from 1518.18 to 1518.37. The outfit were not a participant in the AFC Asian Cup 2022. 

8. Thailand

Thailand women’s team qualified for the FIFA World Cup for the first time in 2015 (Courtesy: Bangkok Post)

Thailand are in 43rd place on the global rankings, making them the eighth-best Asian national team in women’s football. Their previous total was 1541.05 and has now reached 1547.02 after an increase of 5.97 points. In the AFC Asian Cup 2022, the team got to the quarter-finals. 

7. Chinese Taipei

Chinese Taipei are the seventh-highest Asian national team according to the FIFA rankings. They are in 40th place overall. Interestingly, their previous total of 1585.21 points remains exactly the same. They too managed to reach the quarter-finals of the Asian Cup 2022 in India, but lost to the Philippines. 

6. Vietnam

Sitting at 32nd place in the world rankings are Vietnam. This makes the country the sixth-best Asian national team in women’s football.

Their points total saw a small 0.26 increase, taking their previous tally of 1655.25 to 1655.51. The country will be playing at the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023 after winning the playoffs.

5. Korea Republic

The women’s team of Korea Republic were the finalists of the AFC Asian Cup 2022. They lost to China in the final, but did qualify for the FIFA World Cup 2023 in the process. Their world rank after the latest update sees them take the 18th rank. Their points have risen from 1843.21 to 1845.01. 

4. China PR

China PR were the winners of the AFC Asian Cup 2022 that was held in India earlier this year. The team will also represent Asia at the World Cup next year. They are the fourth-best team on the continent and 16th best in the world. 

3. Japan

Japan’s women’s team won the FIFA World Cup back in 2011 (Courtesy: JFA)

The Japanese women’s team were the FIFA World Cup winners in 2011 and also went to the finals in 2015. They are the third-best Asian team in terms of the FIFA rankings and 13th overall.

Japan will be playing at the FIFA World Cup 2023 after reaching the semi-final of the AFC Asian Cup 2022. Interestingly, Japan are the only Asian country to win the Women’s World Cup.

2. Australia

Australia, along with New Zealand will be hosting the upcoming FIFA World Cup in 2023. Currently the second-best Asian national team in the world, they will hope to win the tournament. They are 12th in the overall rankings with 1912.74 points.

1. Korea DPR

Korea DPR are the highest ranked Asian national team in women’s football. According to the FIFA rankings update, the outfit are ranked 10th in the world.

Interestingly, the country will not be playing at the World Cup after choosing not to take part in the qualification process citing COVID-19 concerns.

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