The authorities are contemplating the restart of football in England as several reports reveal different prospectives.

The English Premier League season was brought to a halt in March amid the coronavirus pandemic. Since then, the resumption of the competition has been a cause of concern for the respective authorities. Accordingly, various reports have emerged from different news outlets presenting their own versions surrounding the issue.

The Sun mentioned that an increasing number of Premier League clubs are supportive of the thought that relegation should be scrapped for this season. If such a plan is implemented, those clubs are willing to play out the remaining fixtures in a set of ten neutral stadiums.

The EPL is also deciding upon a seven-week period in which the season could be concluded. However, the UEFA has set a cut-off point of August 2, 2020. Hence, the league might have to resume by at least June 19, 2020 for this course of action to be carried out.

On the other hand, the Daily Mail states that the top-six clubs are coming together to seek an assurance that the promotion and relegation of the teams would still take place if the league is started over again. Contrastingly, they claim that the bottom six clubs are against the recommencement of the campaign; possibly, due to the fear and uncertainty regarding their future in the top-flight.

The league would anyways hold talks with the players involved in this week. This is probably because of the apprehensions raised by certain footballers over the completion of the 2019-20 Premier League season.

The Daily Telegraph further reinforced the notion that cancelling the relegation for the present campaign would be the sole way in which the troubled clubs would agree to kick-start and play the remaining nine set of matches. They even claimed to have sourced this from an executive of a particular leading club.

Finally, the Guardian has put light upon another interesting facet of this whole situation. They have remarked that certain club safety officials feel that they haven’t been consulted over this restarting of the Premier League topic. The officers believe that such a move can put several players and other individuals at risk.

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