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Fateh Hyderabad A.F.C. Academy

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Fateh Hyderabad A.F.C is a young professional football club that currently plays in the 2nd Division I-League. As Hyderabad's first I-League club, it will also compete in the Telangana Football Association's Rahim League A Division. The club philosophy is to focus its resources on grassroots and infrastructure, investing under a value conscious model with a sustainable approach. The club aims to create opportunities for professional careers while developing youth and facilities to improve the technical standard of football in Hyderabad. The club was founded by Yogesh Maurya and Aditya Narayanan who share a passion to see the standard of Indian football improve consistently. The Club has been named Fateh Hyderabad as a representation of the victory of the heart, truth and character. It is part of Fateh Hyderabad's founding ethos to value character over talent and ability, and that football as a game is bigger than all involved and in its purest sense, must be respected as a socioeconomic common denominator.


Address Hyderabad, Telangana, India

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Year Founded 2015
Team Owner Yogesh Maurya, Aditya Narayanan
Team Prsident Yogesh Maurya
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