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Formula 1: Estimated crash damage for all drivers in 2023 season

Hisan KidwaiHisan Kidwai
October 18 2023
Formula 1: Estimated crash damage for all drivers in 2023 season

It’s no secret that Formula 1 (F1) is the most expensive sport on the planet, with teams striving to recover their annual expenses. What makes the situation worse is when drivers crash their cars, necessitating costly repairs. Now, let’s delve into the estimated crash damage costs for each driver during the 2023 season up to the Qatar Grand Prix.

20. Max Verstappen: $220,000

Max Verstappen’s 2023 season has been nothing short of extraordinary, breaking records for consecutive race wins. However, equally remarkable is his record for minimal car damage, with only one incident so far this year at the 2023 F1 Azerbaijan GP sprint race, where he collided with Mercedes’ George Russell.

19. Fernando Alonso: $350,000

Having one of the best seasons in recent years, Fernando Alonso’s move to Aston Martin seems to have paid so far, considering the Spaniard has been on the podium multiple times. Despite a slight dip in Aston Martin’s performance post-summer break, Alonso’s adept control of the car suggests a return to the podium is imminent.

18. Lewis Hamilton: $525,000

Lewis Hamilton’s 2023 season has seen its share of ups and downs, with the new car performing well on some circuits. Thanks to his mastery of the tracks, he’s been involved in a few incidents, with the most notable one occurring during Monaco’s FP3, unveiling Mercedes’ revised floor to the world.

17. Valtteri Bottas: $575,000

Valtteri Bottas has endured a forgettable season, with him scoring the most points at the inaugural Bahrain GP. Additionally, reliability issues with his car have resulted in several “Did Not Finish” (DNF) outcomes.

16. Lando Norris: $620,000

Since the summer break, Lando Norris has been the highest points scorer after Max Verstappen. This turnaround was made possible by a series of upgrades that significantly improved the car. While he hasn’t crashed his MCL 60, he has undergone a few component replacements.

15. George Russell: $670,000

Mercedes teammate George Russell has had an acceptable season, coming close to a race win at the Singapore GP. However, on the penultimate lap of the race, Russell crashed into the barriers, dashing his hopes of victory. A similar incident occurred at the Canadian GP, where the British driver made contact with the wall, ruining his race.

14. Kevin Magnussen: $867,000

Kevin Magnussen has experienced a forgettable season with Haas, unable to compete for points due to the car’s poor tire management. Furthermore, his crashes at various races have inflicted considerable financial losses on the struggling team.

13. Niko Hülkenberg: $915,000

Nico Hülkenberg has had an outstanding season in terms of qualifying performance. Nevertheless, car reliability issues, coupled with a sluggish pace, have limited his points tally.

12. Nick de Vires / Ricciardo: $1,180,000

Breaking into the million-dollar bracket, Nick de Vries had a lacklustre season with AlphaTauri, marked by a series of crashes in the Australian GP, Azerbaijan GP, and Miami GP. These crashes led to Daniel Ricciardo replacing De Vries. However, Ricciardo also crashed at the Dutch GP after Piastri’s collision, left him stranded on the racing line.

11. Guanyu Zhou: $1,207,000

Although Zhou Guanyu’s point tally hasn’t been the best this season, he’s done well in preserving his car from damage for the most part. However, a series of crashes at the Hungarian GP and Dutch GP necessitated extensive repairs.

10. Yuki Tsunoda: $1,255,000

Yuki Tsunoda has had a commendable season with AlphaTauri. However, his inherent aggression has resulted in several crashes, with the most significant one occurring in the Azerbaijan GP.

9. Esteban Ocon: $1,522,000

One of the unluckiest drivers on the grid, Esteban Ocon, has been involved in a series of crashes this season, including one at the Australian GP, where both Alpine teammates collided, ruining their races.

8. Charles Leclerc: $1,539,000

Charles Leclerc has had a relatively uneventful season, keeping his car out of trouble. However, his crash at the Dutch GP alone cost the team $1.2 million.

7. Carlos Sainz: $1,587,000

Ferrari teammate Carlos Sainz has had an outstanding season, being the only driver besides Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez to win a Grand Prix. However, his crashes have resulted in significant repair costs for the team.

6. Oscar Piastri: $1,634,000

Following his first podium at the Japanese GP, Oscar Piastri has had a promising start to his F1 journey. However, he has also experienced a few crashes, the most notable occurring at the Dutch GP.

5. Alex Albon: $1,849,000

Alex Albon has had a remarkable season with Williams, emerging as the team’s sole point scorer. Nonetheless, he has also been involved in crashes, particularly at the Australian GP and Monaco GP.

4. Pierre Gasly: $2,201,000

Since switching to Alpine, Pierre Gasly’s season has been eventful, with several crashes and DNFs. Additionally, his feud with teammate Esteban Ocon has resulted in intense on-track battles.

3. Sergio Perez: $2,459,000

Despite a strong start to the season, Sergio Perez’s form has declined in recent months, consistently finishing behind teammate Max Verstappen. Additionally, he has also been involved in several major crashes, including one at the recent Japanese GP, where he damaged his front wing twice.

2. Lance Stroll: $2,609,000

Lance Stroll has faced a challenging season, especially considering his teammate Fernando Alonso’s multiple podium finishes. Moreover, his crash at the Singapore GP, nearly destroying his AMR 23, has further compounded his difficulties.

1. Logan Sargent: $3,906,000

Williams’ Logan Sargeant has had perhaps the most challenging season, being the only driver without any points and damaging his car in the last three races. Moreover, his crashes have raised questions about his future in the sport.

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