Khelo India Games

Haryana crowned as the Champions of Khelo India Youth Games 2021

June 13 2022
Khelo India Youth Games

Maharashtra, who fought tooth and nail from Day 1, abdicated their throne, after managing 45 gold, 40 silver and 40 bronze.

Haryana’s boxers delivered the golden punch on the last and final day to capture the Khelo India Youth Games crown in dramatic fashion here on Monday.

Tied on 41 gold with Maharashtra, the hosts swooped on as many as 10 out of the 20-boxing gold on offer to surge past the defending champions of the Khelo India Youth Games.

Haryana ended their campaign with a grand tally of 52 gold, 39 silver and 46 bronze to reinforce their status as the country’s premier sporting state.

Maharashtra, who fought tooth and nail from Day 1, abdicated their throne, after managing 45 gold, 40 silver and 40 bronze.

Karnataka finished third with 22 gold, including a whopping 19 from the swimming pool. Manipur were fourth with 19 gold and Kerala fifth with 18.

Interestingly, Maharashtra began the day on a high note, regaining the mallakhamb Boy’s Individual Pole gold which was held back on Sunday after a protest.

Their kho-kho boys and girls expectedly clinched both the gold to even put them ahead on the medals’ table. Haryana’s girls mustered the handball gold, narrowly beating Himachal Pradesh 29-28, to continue breathing down their necks at the Khelo India Youth Games.

But once the action shifted to the boxing ring, it turned out to be a windfall for Haryana. Six out of their eight pugilists knocked down the gold in the girls’ category while four out of their five boys danced to the top of the podium.

Maharashtra had four contenders in boxing finals but only one of them could return triumphant.

In the end, Haryana’s superiority in boxing (10) and wrestling (16) proved to be the difference in the overall equation. Their swimmers and weightlifters contributed a handsome four gold medals each too.

Maharashtra’s athletes bagged eight gold medals at the Khelo India Youth Games while their swimmers, gymnasts and yogasana players clinched six each. Their wrestlers and lifters added three each too to the tally.

On the last day of competition, Mizoram clinched two gold medals with their Boys football team humbling Kerala 5-1 in the final and Jeho Puingheta bagging the Boys table tennis singles crown, beating West Bengal’s Ankur Bhattacharjee 4-2.

Punjab girls defeated Tamil Nadu 68-57 and Karnataka boys got the better of Rajasthan 67-62 to share the two gold medals in basketball while Delhi’s boys beat Haryana 38-31 to win the handball gold.




Boys – G:Mizoram bt Kerala 5-1

B: Meghalaya and Karnataka

Girls – G: Tamil Nadu; S: Jharkhand; B: Haryana and Gujarat

Table Tennis


G: Jeho Himnakulh Puingheta (Mizoram) bt Ankur Bhattacharjee (West Bengal) 4-2

B: Deepit Patil (Maharashtra) bt Aadarsh Chhetri (Delhi) 4-0



G: Punjab bt Tamil Nadu 68-57

B: Karnataka bt Rajasthan 67-62


G: Kerala bt Punjab 75-74

B: Karnataka bt Tamil Nadu 72-68



G: Delhi bt Haryana 38-31

B: Jammu & Kashmir, Uttar Pradesh


G: Haryana bt Himachal Pradesh 29-28

B: Delhi, Uttar Pradesh



Minimum Weight (46-48 KG) – G: Vishwanath Suresh (Maharashtra); S: Ashish (Haryana): B: Maan Singh (Jammu & Kashmir), Himanshu Kaushal (Delhi)

Flyweight (48-51 KG) – G: Bishwamitra Chongtham (Manipur); S: Mohammed Billal (Telangana); B: Himanshu Rawat (Delhi), Kavi (CHD)

Bantam Weight (51-54 KG) – G: Ankit (CHD); S: Victor Singh Shaikhom (Maharashtra) B: Anand Yadav (Madhya Pradesh), Gaurav (Delhi)

Feather Weight (54-57 KG) – G: Himanshu Shrivas (Madhya Pradesh); S: Vijay Singh (Maharashtra); B: Ayush (Haryana), Akash Pundir (Uttar Pradesh)

Light Weight (57-60 KG) – G: Rabichandra Singh L (Manipur); S: Harsh (D&D); B: Vikas Kumar (Madhya Pradesh), Sidharth (Uttar Pradesh)

Light Welter Weight (60-63.5 KG) – G: Vanshaj (Haryana); S: Imdad Hussain (Assam); B: Aditya Goud (Maharashtra), Vishwas Malik (Rajasthan)

Welter Weight (63.5 – 67 KG) – G: Achal Veer Karwasra (CHD); S: Anjani Kumar M (Andhra Pradesh); B: Vikas Kumar (Punjab), Mohit Kanjar (Madhya Pradesh)

Light Middle Weight (67-71 KG) – G: Harshit Rathee (Haryana); S: Ashish Hooda (CHD); B: Gagan (Delhi), Manik Singh (Maharashtra)

Middle Weight (71-75 KG) – G: Deepak (Haryana); S: Kunal Ghorpade (Maharashtra); B: Paramvir Singh (Punjab), Akash Das (Jharkhand)

Light Heavy Weight (75-80 KG) – G: Vishal (Haryana); S: Aksh Garg (Punjab); B: Himanshu (Himachal Pradesh), Ankush Chahal (Delhi)


Minimum Weight (45-48 KG) – G: Gitika (Haryana); S: Ragini Upadhyay (Uttar Pradesh); B: Yamini Kanwar (Rajasthan), Sanjana (Delhi)

Light Fly (48-50 KG) – G: Tamanna (Haryana); S: Suvidha Bhagat (Punjab); B: K Anju Devi (Karnataka), Monika Mallick (Ben)

Fly (50-52 KG) – G: Ritu (Himachal Pradesh); S: Neeru Khatri (Haryana); B: Simran Verma (Maharashtra), Yoogasri (Karnataka)

Bantam (52-54 KG) – G: Neha (Haryana); S: Aarti Dharya (UTK); B: Aikon Mili (Assam), Rishika R Hole (Maharashtra)

Feather (54-57 KG) – G: Preeti (Haryana); S: H. Griviya Devi (Manipur); B: Renu (CHD), Anju (Rajasthan)

Light (57-60 KG) – G: Preeti Dahiya (Haryana); S: Kalapana (Rajasthan); B: Shaheen Gill (Punjab), Lakshita Sharma (Madhya Pradesh)

Light Welter (60-63 KG) – G: Isha Gurjar (Rajasthan); S: Rudy Lalhmingmunai (Mizoram); B: M Swetha (Tamil Nadu), Riya (Delhi)

Welter (63-66 KG) – G: Sneha Kumari (Himachal Pradesh); S: Muskan (Haryana); B: Vishakha Vartiya (Punjab), Anjali Chahar (Uttar Pradesh)

Light Middle (66-70 KG) – G: Lashu Yadav (Haryana); S: Shivani (Delhi); B: Sneha (Rajasthan), Saie Vinayak Davkhar (Maharashtra)

Middle (70-75 KG) – G: Khushi (Punjab); S: Ekta (Himachal Pradesh); B: Reena (Rajasthan), Sneha (Haryana)

Kho Kho


G: Maharashtra bt Odisha 21-20

B: West Bengal bt Punjab


G: Maharashtra bt Odisha 14-11

B: Delhi bt West Bengal 1-0

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