The 34-year-old is the first Indian boxer to win an Olympic medal.

With the world at a standstill due to the coronavirus pandemic, planning has gone for a toss but the belief is still intact in Vijender Singh who feels that he can resume his professional boxing career in the later parts of 2020.

Vijender Singh is unbeaten in the circuit with 12 wins and was contacted by Hall of Fame member Bob Arum’s Top Rank promotions in the United States. However, with the widespread of the pandemic and over 10,000 deaths in the US, Vijender Singh has no other option than waiting for the things to normalize again.

“I was supposed to fight in May but that is cancelled for now because of the current situation. But I am hopeful things will improve and I will get to fight later in the year. I think it will work out,” Vijender Singh told PTI.

“Obviously, I am at a loss but there is nothing that can be done. So, you just make peace with it and wait for things to normalise,” he added.

The star boxer is currentl staying at his house in Delhi and maintaining his shape amid the lockdown scenario in India. “I have everything at home to ensure that I don’t need to step out. I do my training on my own, which is not unusual because I have the luxury of a trainer only when I am in England,” he said.

Vijender Singh only gets in contact with his trainer, Lee Beard only a few weeks before his fights when he is in England.

“The idea is to keep my body in shape for whenever the action resumes. I am doing it at home because in any case, you cannot move out,” he said.

He is also a renowned politician as he fought the Lok Sabha elections for Congress last year. The ace boxer has taken an active part in raising questions to the government and their plans to combat the COVID-19 in our country with the death toll rising every hour.

Vijender Singh remarked, “I have spoken to doctors who tell me that we should be testing more people. I hope it is being done. We can only hope that the situation doesn’t get worse, look at what’s happening around the world, it’s scary.”

“So I do raise questions on how we are doing. We all should even if it comes with a bit of trolling, we should not stop asking for better.”

He is also doing his bit to help the society during such an emergency situation as he feels that it is not only his right but also his duty as a public figure.

“I avoid getting into mass-feeding of people because that would ensure that social distancing goes for a toss, defeating the whole purpose of a lockdown. So what I do is ensure that ration reaches needy families. I am directly in touch with people and reach out wherever there is a requirement,” signed off Vijender.