The Indian grandmaster spoke about how he has taken up the new customary lifestyle.

It’s been few weeks since the homecoming of Viswanathan Anand after being stuck in Germany for merely three months. As the COVID-19 pandemic has hit our lives too hard, the Grandmaster admits he is no less affected.

Anand said, “The most unusual thing is how much I have internalized the the coronavirus in the sense that now I automatically keep distance from people. I just assume that the day will go by without me seeing anyone. When this phase gets over, it will take some time for all of us to become social again.”

If the conditions were regular, he would be globetrotting with compititions to appear in. Life has not been fair to the five-time world champion as he is cramped inside his home due to the shutdown. Viswanathan Anand says he misses himself making headlines before top tournaments. However he seems to have accepted the ‘new normal.’

“About 3-4 days ahead of a tournament, I would pack my bags. There would be certain amount of tension that’s happening as you have to catch a flight and each of these, trigger you in a particular way. But that is not the case anymore. I have already started embracing the new lifestyle and so many new things,” Viswanathan Anand asserted.

Someone Anand missed the most during those three months in Germany certainly has to be Akhil, his son. He reveals that he is trying to compensate those times during his current stay with the family.

Viswanathan Anand also revealed that he feels that the lockdown has given the youth a huge amount of time to bring out the skill in them. “We always complain that we are getting enough time to spend with our family members. So here is the time and your chance. I won’t pretend as if I have a magic wand and that I have been able to stay positive all through as it doesn’t go like that. I am just going with the flow,” He signed off.

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