ISSF World Cup Shot Gun: Ganemat Sekhon, Darshna Rathore clinch silver and bronze in women’s skeet

M Sudharshan

May 23 2023
ISSF World Cup

Darshna Rathore equalled the national record by scoring 120 in the qualifying round.

India’s Ganemat Sekhon and Darshna Rathore clinched silver and bronze medals respectively in women’s skeet at the ISSF World Cup Shot Gun held in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Darshna from Rajasthan scored an impressive 120 in the qualifying round (equalling the national record) and finished second en route to the final.

On the other hand, Ganemat Sekhon, 22, finished fourth by scoring 117. Prior to finsihing fourth, three players were tied at 117 post which a shoot-off was held and the Indian finished on top with eight hits. A total of six skeet shooters entered the final with home favourite Assem Orynbay claiming the top spot.

In the final, Sekhon shot 50 and was tied with Orynbay after the of the last series (60 shots). A shoot-off (consisting of two shots) was held to decide the gold medalist. The Kazakh shooter beat Sekhon (2-1) to clinch the gold medal. Prior to the final series, Sekhon had a lead of 5 (after 50 shots) and was in the pole position to clinch gold.

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Orynbay came back strong and scored a perfect in the last series and in Sekhon in return could only muster 5 shots. The Indian required only six perfect but faltered due to pressure in the end. Darshna exited prior to the final series after being tied with Orynbay. If two shooters are tied on points before the final series then their position in the qualification series is taken into consideration.

Since Orynbay finished first in qualification she progressed further with the Indian settling for a bronze medal finish. This is probably the first time that Indian women skeet shooters have clinched two medals in the individual event in the World Cup.

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