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Shooter thanks Indian, Qatari and Yemeni federations for help in ISSF World Cup

Published at :March 23, 2021 at 2:01 PM
Modified at :March 24, 2021 at 1:06 AM
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Mrunal Madrisridista

The mother of two struggled to arrange equipment due to a lack of resources.

Amal Mudhsh expressed her gratitude to the authorities from India, Qatar and Yemen for helping the athlete participate in her maiden shooting World Cup. In the ongoing ISSF World Cup 2021 being held in Delhi, the shooter from Yemen finished last in the women’s 10m air rifle qualification round.

She was not disappointed for failing to make a mark in her first appearance at the world championships, but for failing to turn her hard-work into results. She received a lot of help which made her participation possible and not being able to return the gratitude apparently hurt the athlete more than the result itself.

Amal did not have a rifle before travelling to Delhi. The National Rifle Association of India then sought help from Gagan Narang’s academy 'Gun For Glory' which, in turn, provided her with a Walther rifle so that she could train and compete in the qualification round. 

"My travel expenses were provided to me by the Yemen Olympic Committee. I am thankful to them for helping me with these expenses, despite the situation that Yemen is going through. This is my first world event and my participation was possible because of the Indian shooting federation as they gave me the weapon, and the Qatari federation for lending me a shooting suit,” Amal said while expressing her appreciation.

While speaking to TOI, she further referred to the unsafe situation back home in Yemen which does not allow her to train properly. She said, “The biggest difficulty I face is the lack of firing equipment. Given the situation that we have in the country - aerial bombings and armed conflict - it is difficult to train.”

Amal brought her youngest son Amir along with her to the ISSF World Cup in Delhi and left her daughter back in Yemen. “My dream is to become a world champion, to participate in the Olympics and also obtain a doctorate in social science. If I do not have the luck to fulfill my dreams, then I will work towards making my children world champions in shooting," she concluded.

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