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Watch IPL 2024 and win prizes: what to expect from the new season of the game

Published at :March 30, 2024 at 12:50 PM
Modified at :March 30, 2024 at 12:50 PM
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As the new season of the top cricket league in the world gets closer, cricket fans in India are super excited. They can’t wait, looking forward to seeing their favorite cricket players play again. In all this cricket excitement, 4RABET is ready to be a big part of this huge sports event. They’re starting a campaign that’s going to be amazing and unforgettable.

Prizes That Turning Every Match into a Festive Event

The last cricket season left a serious mark on fans, thanks to 4RABET’s relentless efforts to fan the flames of cricket passion. Their initiative to give away 20 iPhones, 10 PS5s, and 5 MacBooks weekly ensured the cricket spirit was always at its peak. The season culminated in an exciting final, with the Chennai Super Kings, led by Stephen Fleming, snatching victory from the Gujarat Titans. It was a moment of glory that showcased the pinnacle of cricketing prowess.

Yet, the real excitement awaited the dedicated cricket fans – the grand unveiling of 4RABET’s promotional campaign prizes. At a magnificent ceremony graced by Bollywood star Shama Sikander, the platform announced the distribution of its most prestigious awards: a BMW Z4 and a plethora of prizes worth 100 million rupees. With this, 4RABET inspired joy and excitement in the hearts of cricket lovers.

Instagram leak by Shama Sikander reveals big plans for 2024

A seemingly casual Instagram post by Shama Sikander, featuring her alongside legendary cricketer Aaron Finch, became the subject of lively discussions, starting a lot of speculation. Despite Sikander’s attempts to keep the details secret, the clearly visible 4RABET brand in the background hinted at an upcoming grand campaign, especially with the participation of such a cricket superstar as Finch.

The photo that sparked all the discussions showed Sikander and Finch in what appeared to be a casual pose, but the 4RABET logo clearly visible on a brand new BMW was definitely no accident. It heralds a major event planned for the 2024 season.

An event to Remember

The reveal of Sikander’s post sets the stage for one of next year’s most anticipated campaigns, directly linking Sikander’s charm with the excitement from Finch’s greatest cricket scenes in his career. It hints at an exciting blend of sports, celebrities, and major events under the 4RABET banner.

Great ambassadors – great prizes

The motto “Higher, faster, stronger” resonates with every sports fan, and 4RABET embodies this in its annual cricket competition, promising a range of luxurious prizes that reflect their pursuit of excellence. This year, participants can look forward to winning not only a BMW X3 but also a multitude of other prestigious awards worth approximately 100 million rupees, including PlayStations, MacBooks, and more

More Than Just Bets: The 4RABET Community

4RABET creates a vibrant community united by a love for cricket. Here, every run scored, every wicket taken, and every match won is a shared victory. It’s an opportunity to turn your knowledge and passion for sports into rewards and thrilling experiences. Dive into the celebration where your passion for cricket is generously rewarded. With 4RABET, it’s not just about betting – it’s about celebrating cricket with every fiber of your being. 4RABET: Inspiring Your Passion for Cricket.