ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

ICC Cricket World Cup 2023: David Warner suggests new rule to eliminate umpire howlers

October 18 2023
David Warner in ICC Cricket World Cup 2023

David Warner had been given out LBW by on-field umpire and also by the DRS.

Australian opener David Warner has called for showing of the umpire’s stats on the big screen as well after he was disgruntled over being given out LBW in the recent ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 match against Sri Lanka in Lucknow.

Against Sri Lanka in Australia’s most recent match, Warner was declared leg before wicket. Warner chose to walk upstairs in the hopes of having the verdict overturned by on-field umpire Joel Wilson. Warner became irate after the Decision Review System (DRS) returned an “umpire’s call” on the pitching and wicket-hitting measures. 

Warner was very unhappy and while walking back to the pavilion was seen hurling expletives at the umpire.

“I think in terms of what I’d like to see, this probably won’t get across but players’ stats go up on the board as you walk out to bat. When they announce the umpires they come up on the screen. I’d love to see their stats come up on the board as well. We see that in the National Rugby League (NRL). I know this is a world game but NRL shows those stats. I think the NFL shows those stats. I think it’s a great thing for the spectators to see that as well,” Warner was quoted by Cricbuzz.

“I think over a period of time. You know, obviously, players get dropped for poor performances. It’s never explained to us what goes on with the panel as well. So it’s just an indicator. But it’s just little things that show the spectator. It’s not easy. So you know, you can explain where it’s not easy, why it’s not easy. And then when good decisions are made. And they can explain it. So I just think it’s something that could be explored,” he added.

Warner made only 11 runs against Sri Lanka, a match Australia won to register their first win in the ongoing ICC Cricket World Cup.

David Warner says his outburst was not at umpire Joel Wilson but at technology

After Warner was given out LBW, reviewed it immediately and Hawk-Eye showed that the ball had straightened enough to clip his leg stump, leading to Warner’s rather angry reaction in the middle. But the batter has made it clear that his angst at the moment was more with technology and not directed at umpire Wilson.

“The technology provides information. From my perspective it’s there to use probably I reckon for the howler not so much for you know, with lbw’s these days if you are given out you probably don’t really stand a chance. I asked Joel when I was out there just what happened why did he give it out? He said the ball was swinging back. So, you know, to his credit, if he thinks that then that’s why he’s given that decision. But then when you see the replay of how it sort of unfolded you get a little bit annoyed. So that’s out of our control. There’s a lot to say,” Warner explained.

Warner also felt that one of the ways players would better get their head around the ball tracking aspect of DRS, in particular, was if they had a better understanding of the technology.

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