The Mariners remain fixated on the fourth position of the table.

ATK Mohun Bagan earned three points in a lacklustre game against Bengaluru FC at the Sree Kanteerava Stadium in Bengaluru on Saturday. These points took Juan Ferrando’s side to the fourth place on the points table with 16 points from eight games. None of the teams looked very good in the game. With this defeat, Bengaluru FC stay in the ninth position of the points table with seven points from eight games.

After the game, ATK Mohun Bagan head coach Juan Ferrando attended the post-match press conference to express his thoughts on the game.

Ferrando’s reaction to the game

Juan Ferrando expressed his thoughts on the game at the post-match press conference. He stated:

“I am not completely happy of course because we played quite well in the first 10-20 minutes. In my point of view, we had a lot of space. When we tried to attack, the last pass, the last control of the ball was not good. It was also the case with the second ball. I think we need to improve on these details.

He added, “In the second half, when the opponent decided to play more aggressively with the second ball, honestly, we were like two teams, one team in defence and three players in attack. I think this is not good and it is more necessary to be more closely compact.”

The tactician further said, “It is necessary to accept that Bengaluru FC is a very good team. Everybody knows their players. I am happy about the three points but I am not happy about the performance.”

On the defensive work of ATK Mohun Bagan

Juan Ferrando said at the presser how he wants his team to play in defence. He also reviewed how his players performed in today’s game. He said:

“For us, the most important work in defence is to keep the ball. This is always our plan. Then, if you give away the possession to the opponent, then 100 per cent we are not successful in defence. In today’s game, it was not necessary for Carl, Lenny, or Deepak Tangri to fight for the second ball. It was necessary for them to stop Javi Hernandez as he is the motor of the opposition team. It is difficult to control such situations as it is one player with a lot of talent and a lot of quality.” 

“It is also about working a lot. Sometimes, players with a lot of talent and a lot of quality may not be working that much. Javi is incredible. For us, these things were important. This is because in case Bengaluru won the second ball and Javi received the ball in good condition, maybe we would have problems. Clear opportunities came for Bengaluru whenever Javi received the ball in between the lines,” he added.

On how Ferrando is able to implement his philosophy at ATK Mohun Bagan

Juan Ferrando shared how much he is enjoying working at ATK Mohun Bagan and what are his big challenges at the club. He said:

“At ATK Mohun Bagan, we are working with different plans for the last two/three years. The team was playing in a different way. Now, we are trying to change that. Of course, it is not easy because some of the players worked in the same manner for the last three/four years. So, the change is a bit problematic for them. But, this is my job. We are trying to find new methodologies every day to help the players and work in a particular way. I think it is easier to get success this way. I think it will take two to three years to implement my ways at ATK Mohun Bagan.” 

The head coach continued, “Football is amazing because as you watch the World Cup, you see different national teams employ different styles. Sometimes they have success. Sometimes they have not. But, in my point of view, this is the way to get success. I have players with talent and at the end of the season, I wish to have success.”

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