Northeast United’s head coach expressed his dismay after their defeat

Northeast United have lost to Jamshedpur at home 2-0. This is the Highlanders’ 15th defeat of the season, and they are rock bottom of the table. Even against a poor Jamshedpur FC, who themselves are 10th in the league, Northeast struggled immensely and suffered another agonizing defeat.

After the game, Northeast United head coach Vincenzo Alberto Annese addressed the media. This is the crux of the conversation.

Vincenzo’s views on the game

When asked about his opinion on the defeat against Jamshedpur, Vincenzo Alberto Annese had this to say.

“We gave it all. First half, I didn’t like at all, especially some players’ attitude in the field. Second half was better when we made substitutions. But unfortunately, the first half very bad, we create only one shoot and one chance and don’t even try. We don’t pressing so much, we run too much back, we see too much back and we try to counter-attack but nothing, we miss this opportunity for get three points.”

What led to such a poor performance

Northeast United had been improving their performances, and in the last game against Kerela as well, the Highlanders showed great spirit and fought until the end. But tonight, the spirit and the will were missing, and the players had a poor mentality and were not giving in their all. When asked about the same, Vincenzo Alberto Annese exclaimed,

“I mean when I say two different half performance, second half I like, I mean we created three chance in-front of the keeper, we hit the post one on one with Jithin tried to dribble the keeper, I mean if we score we try to atleast enter in the game again and so important. We create, we create a lot, we just first half I did not like at all, I mean we don’t press enough, we allow them possession in counter attack we are so poor.”

Still looking for his best 11?

Northeast still haven’t seemed to have found their best 11 yet. They fluctuate their starting 11 in every game, and haven’t been consistent with their team. When asked regarding the issue, Vincenzo Alberto Annese replied by saying that he is still trying to get the best out of his players, and is trying to find the best possible 11. He also spoke about some factors that have been a problem for him lately.

“Jordan our captain is out, so its not easy for us. Koule has done well, far better, he start to understand also the way that can play in Indian football, because it is completely different from European football. I want something more from Roman, I mean as a foreigner and also as a player, I want something more. I want something more from Pragyan, our captain today, but we need to be believing in performance in the next game.”

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