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Paul Pogba reveals he considered retirement following alleged extortion plot

Aditya ChauhanAditya Chauhan

September 11 2023
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Paul Pogba had already filed a complaint in 2022

French midfielder Paul Pogba is considering retiring from football over alleged extortion and threats from an organised gang, including his brother Mathias.

The Juventus midfielder filed a complaint with Turin prosecutors in July 2022 claiming that he was the target of a 13 million Euro blackmail plot.

Paul Pogba’s brother has maintained his innocence and was subsequently released under judicial review but has been prevented from contacting his brother, and leaving France.

On the pitch, Paul Pogba has also struggled for game time after suffering from numerous injuries but after testifying about the extortion plot in April, the midfielder told Al Jazeera’s Generation Sport that the ordeal nearly made him quit the game for good.

“Money changes people. … It can break up a family,” he said. “It can create a war. Sometimes I was just by myself thinking: ‘I don’t want to have money anymore. I just don’t want to play anymore. I just want to be with normal people, so they will love me for me — not for the fame, not for the money.’ Sometimes it’s tough.”

The midfielder said he is determined to prove his critics wrong and warned that criticism can lead to players wanting to quit the sport.

“I want to make them eat their words. … I want to show them I’m not weak,” Pogba said. “They can talk bad about me. I will never give up.”

Paul Pogba added: “Football is very beautiful, but is cruel. People can forget you in one day. You can do something great, but the next day you are nobody.

“People are waiting for you, saying: ‘He’s done, his career is finished.’ You get these comments after scoring goals, and winning the World Cup. People forget it. So you have to prove all the time.

“You have to accept it, but nobody can be criticised like that. There are so many players that lost it mentally, they didn’t even want to play football anymore because of all the negative things.”

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