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Adelaide United goalie Grace Wilson becomes first non-binary footballer in Australia

Published at :March 2, 2024 at 3:46 PM
Modified at :March 2, 2024 at 6:13 PM
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Samannay Sen

Adelaide United goalkeeper Grace Wilson made it clear that she is non-binary.

As per the reports of Daily Mail, 18-year-old Adelaide United goalkeeper Grace Wilson, in an optimistic move for Australian football, has come out as non-binary. Wilson shared their identity with teammates on Friday, expressing a sense of liberation after receiving overwhelming support from teammates.

Wilson wanted to be free of this identity tag for a long time. “I’m non-binary. That’s it. I can’t deny it anymore,” Wilson said. “It was like this huge weight had lifted because for so long, I had felt something was different. Finally hearing people refer to me as ‘they/them’, it’s a phenomenal and euphoric feeling,” she added.

Non-binary individuals are those who are not solely recognized as either male or female. Wilson wanted to be acknowledged as non-binary just like all other non-binary people. Wilson, who prefers they/them pronouns, highlighted the significance of using accurate terms when addressing individuals. “Not every non-binary person is going to use they/them, they might have no preference with pronouns, they might use any,” she exclaimed.

Wilson also mentioned to the Daily Mail that it is a very significant thing that everyone should emphasize. It makes a huge difference for any individual as they feel safe and free of a gender barrier.

Wilson was fascinated by this acknowledgment and felt overwhelmed when people too, addressed her as ‘they/them’. “I didn’t realize, but finally hearing people refer to me as they/them is uplifting,” Wilson mentioned.

Grace Wilson’s statement comes after Josh Cavallo, a player for Adelaide, publicly announced his gender orientation as gay in 2021. Additionally, Quinn, a Canadian athlete, scripted history as the first non-binary individual to compete in the Olympics during the Tokyo Games in 2021. Quinn achieved this milestone while winning a gold medal as a midfielder in women’s football.

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