The Finnish superstar scored and assisted a goal against the defending champions.

When Premier League champions Manchester City were scheduled to travel to Norfolk County on gameweek 5 of the Premier League campaign, Pep Guardiola wouldn’t have expected it to be a fixture that would cause too much fuss. His squad has enough firepower and depth to play two simultaneous matches with two different elevens, both just as strong as the other.

They didn’t come to Carrow Road expecting it to be a stroll in the park as Norwich has announced their Premier League candidacy by beating Newcastle and putting up solid displays in defeats against both Liverpool and Chelsea. The Canaries seemed to simply blow Pep Guardiola’s side away in the first half with some exciting forward play which resulted in two goals within the first half an hour.

When Manchester City picked up the third goal of the game through Sergio Aguero, the entire stadium would’ve thought, at least for a second, that Manchester City would find their way back into the fixture. Completely against the run of proceedings, up stepped the man of the hour to score his 6th goal of the campaign. Despite Rodrigo’s 88th minute goal, Teemu Pukki’s strike proved to be the winner on the night.

“No one probably expected that we could beat Man City. I think it was one of the best games I’ve ever been part of. The atmosphere; already last year, when we were going up, it was getting close (to that). It was maybe even a step up from that. It was easy to give all you have because you could see how much it meant to the fans as well,” said the Finnish striker who has been in mercurial form.

“We played our game against one of the best teams in the city; in the world. I’m not sure if we all believed we could beat City before the match,” he said laughingly. Irrespective of what the players’ mentality was pregame, the Canaries showed the Premier League audience that they mean business and are here to stay.

“When the game began though, you could see that there was a chance for us,” he said. He further went on to add that after beating Manchester City, their trip to Turf Moor was a difficult test indeed. They went home with nothing to show from their tie against Burnley and Pukki thinks that some changes are in order.

“These are the kind of games we have to start winning and getting points out if we want to do well this season,” said the striker. Whether or not they’re able to maintain this form for the entirety of the campaign is a question that’s still up in the air but one thing is for certain, Norwich City and Teemu Pukki in specific, have already managed to win the hearts of many of the Premier League faithful.