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FIFA 23: New chemistry system explained

Published at :August 12, 2022 at 8:02 PM
Modified at :December 13, 2023 at 1:01 PM
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(Courtesy : EA SPORTS FIFA)

Hardik Malhotra

The revolutionary gaming series is back with one last edition in its current iteration.

EA Sports FIFA 23 is just around the corner and new trailers and new features are being dropped upon the FIFA community one-by-one. While the FIFA 22 game cycle is still not completely over, but we are just a few weeks away from the end of the game. This will be the last game from EA Sports with the FIFA branding. The game will be renamed EA Sports FC after FIFA 23. The closed beta for the new game is also currently out. Only a few players get selected every year to play and test out the game before its release in closed beta.

The new features include a new movement and realist mechanism called the HyperMotion2. While women's club football has also been introduced thoroughly in the new game. Cross-Play has been introduced between both the Playstation and Xbox consoles. New skill moves, more stadium customisation and many more new features. But one of the biggest new revolutions is the chemistry in FIFA 23 ultimate team has been redefined.

The Ultimate Team system was based upon links between players (green, yellow, red) depending on various aspects. But the whole system has now been redefined. Here we take a look at how the new chemistry system works on FIFA 23:

3 Chemistry

Each player in your ultimate team can get up to a maximum of 3 Chemistry. 3 Chemistry means the player plays up to their best ability. Playing any player out of position or having 0 chemistry won't have any negative effect on the player stats, unlike previous Fifa's. Finally, the bench players don't affect chemistry.

You can increase your player's chemistry by adding a player from the same Club, League, or Nation to your starting lineup. The more players you add to each category unlocks more chemistry for those players. The amount of chemistry you earn from each category is based on these entries:

FIFA 23 Ultimate Team new chemistry system (Courtesy – Twitter/@ChuBoi)


2 players from the same club = 1 chemistry5 players from the same club = 2 chemistry9 players from the same club = 3 chemistry

Nations & Leagues

3 players from the same nation or league = 1 chemistry 5 players from the same nation or league = 2 chemistry9 players from the same nation or league = 3 chemistry


EA Sports
In-game screenshots from FIFA 23 (Courtesy – EA SPORTS FIFA)

Managers count as 1 player towards the league and nation chemistry. While Icons count as 2 players towards the nation's chemistry. While the hero cards count as 2 players towards the league chemistry.

FIFA 23 players can mix and match how any player in their Ultimate team gets full chemistry. For eg: 1 chemistry from the same club players and 2 chemistry from players from the same nation. Or in another scenario, all three 3 chemistry can be from a single League if you have enough players from the same league.

The player loyalty system from previous Fifa's has also been removed. The new chemistry system means players can use a wide variety of players in their ultimate team, and there will be much wider flexibility to build your Ulitame squads. It is very close to the system Pes (now eFootball) has been using for a couple of years, While being quite similar it is also quite different. It will take some time for the FIFA players to get used to the new chemistry system.




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