The international governing body on the sport has decided to make amends for the club’s failure in fulfilling financial obligations.

During the distressing time amid the COVID-19 pandemic, a couple of Indian Footballers have received some happy news. Last year, some former DSK Shivajians players’ applied for compensation from a fund created by FIFA. In an update to the situation, a number of them recently received emails from the international governing body assuring them that they will receive a certain amount of money, as per The Telegraph.

The players will have to provide their bank details to the governing body and should receive the compensation within 15 working days.

In the mail, FIFA also wrote: “While FIFA and FIFPro understand and realise that this amount does not fully mitigate the damage you suffered, we trust that it provides relief to your current financial condition.”

What’s the story

Subrata Paul, Gouramangi Singh, Nirmal Chhetri, Sanju Pradhan and Laxmikant Kattimani are among those to receive their dues. The amounts will be varying from $3000 (₹2,20,000) to $10000 (₹7,34,000).

The former DSK Shivajians players applied for the compensation with the help of Football Players Association of India (FPAI), a body recognised by FIFPRO, the players’ association of FIFA.

FIFA had set up the FIFA fund in February 2020 and agreed to compensate players who were facing problems in receiving their deserved wages agreed with their clubs. Because Shivajians folded up without paying their players, FIFA will use that fund to compensate their former players.

Gouramangi spoke to The Telegraph about this and said: “Credit goes to FPAI and I am indebted to FIFA and FIFPro for this financial assistance. It is a huge relief in this time of pandemic. Whatever the amount, it’s of big help.”

Nirmal Chhetri was also a happy man and said: “I never thought I would get compensation for the money I lost in DSK Shivajians, so FIFA and FIFPro have done a wonderful job. FPAI also needs to be lauded for helping the players in sending foolproof applications.”

In case you didn’t know

In 2017, DSK Shivajians closed up shop and could not fulfill their financial obligations to the players.

The players went to the All India Football Association’s (AIFF) Players Status Committee for help. Despite getting a favourable verdict, the players did not get their money since the club already disbanded and the owners were in a difficult situation.

Years after that ordeal, the majority of these players are playing elsewhere and Gouramangi is now retired from active competition. However, they will be pleased that they got justice and also some financial assistance in these difficult times.

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