The GISB ‘Careers in Sports’ seminar was led by eminent personalities from the sports industry.

Leading experts from the sports development and management organization, India On Track (IOT) and the Global Institute of Sports Business (GISB) jointly emphasized the importance of industry-designed sports management programs and also touched on the lack of opportunities for students to get world class sports management education and exposure right here in India at an event in the capital on Saturday.

This is exactly the gap in which the Global Institute of Sports Business (GISB) seeks to fill GISB is the brainchild of India On Track and has been created in partnership with globally-renowned Law and Business education institution from Madrid, Instituto Superior de Derecho y Economía (ISDE). The institute’s state-of-the-art campus is located in Mumbai and it boasts the involvement of elite personalities, who have been in the Indian sports arena for more than a couple of decades and having earned the required experience, which they are now ready to pass on to prospective students.

The GISB Program Director, Neel Shah and IOT CEO, Vivek Sethia addressed the gathering at the Adidas The Base Plaza in Delhi in a bid to enlighten people of the essence of the course the institute brings along.


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The course is a 20-unit intensive and informative higher education program specializing in the business of sport. It is certified by the ISDE, which currently has programs running in association with Cambridge University, Columbia University, Georgetown University, University of Florida, the University of Miami, in addition to a Masters in Sports Law and Management course in partnership with global football giants FC Barcelona.

The course is exclusively designed by sports industry veterans to ensure that GISB students are not only equipped with the tools and knowledge, but also the experience needed to create fulfilling careers in sport and with access to relevant platforms that would enable them to regularly interact with industry employers.

“In many higher education institutes, the industry primarily engages with the students during the placement period. But the sports industry works in a different manner.  Within sport, it is critical that the industry interacts with students throughout the entire program which is why we have entered into partnerships with a number of global and domestic sports organizations that will provide guest lectures, case studies, live projects, internships and possibly career placement upon graduation from the course” said Shah.

A major highlight of the 15-month long course is the international study trip to the United Kingdom, where the students will get a first-hand experience of some of the best practices seen in the West in order to establish, grow and commercialize sport. In addition, the institute also guarantees internship opportunities for all students and guaranteed placement opportunities with leading sports organizations for top performers.

Speaking exclusively in an interview given to Khel Now, FC Pune City CEO Gaurav Modwel, one of the key personalities associated with the project, had emphasized how the partnership between industry and academia is a key cornerstone of the institute, which distinguishes it from other players in the market.