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Bengaluru FC defender Aleksandar Jovanovic blind ranks international defenders

Published at :May 9, 2024 at 8:06 PM
Modified at :May 9, 2024 at 8:06 PM
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(Courtesy : ISL Media)

JN Balraj

Aleksandar Jovanovic regretted not ranking his national hero Nemanja Vidic as #1.

Social media has taken over as the preferred method for fans to follow sports. More and more fans have been talking to platforms where they banter and discuss their favourite sports topics, especially when they can’t attend games or events in person. This helps younger fans form lifelong alliances and loyalties.

In correspondence to this, football clubs understand their duties towards the fans and have always appreciated the way social media has simplified communication with each and every fan. Nowadays, it’s quite common among clubs’ media teams to hop into trends and give something to the fans when the players are not in footballing action. This fosters fan engagement with original content from leagues, teams, and players.

On a similar note, the “blind ranking” is the new cool trend on social media. In blind ranking, a person is simply asked to rank players out of five (or 10) without knowing who comes next. Sometimes, you might get the apt ranking you want, but it’s fun when the ranking is absurd. The uncertainty makes it fun and worth a try.

Aleksandar Jovanovic blind ranks defenders

Bengaluru FC decided to dive into the trend, and asked Aleksandar Jovanovic to give it a try. The Australian-Serbian defender has just extended his stay with the Blues till the end of the season, as earlier reported by Khel Now

He was asked to rank five defenders without knowing who comes next, and comment whether his impulsive thoughts were right according to him. 

The first player called by Jovanovic was Sergio Ramos, whom he ranked #2 (second), followed by former Brazil skipper and Chelsea‘s Champions League winner Thiago Silva, who was ranked #4 (fourth).

The next two were tricky and it caught the defender chuckling who tried to be witty by putting the next called Rio Ferdinand on #1 (first) but soon regretted it when Serbian legend Nemanja Vidic was called; he had to put Vidic on #3. On the call of Vidic, he expressed, “You kill me. That would have been #1. But now I have to give him #3.”

Lastly, he ranked Harry Maguire on #5 and ended the list. Here is the list Aleksandar Jovanovic ended up with:

  1. Rio Ferdinand
  2. Sergio Ramos
  3. Nermanja Vidic
  4. Thiago Silva
  5. Harry Maguire

When asked to comment on his blind ranking, he again regretted putting his national hero and Manchester United legend Nemanja Vidic on #3. He said, “ I was waiting for Vidic, but I didn’t know you were going to say it.”

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