The document in question is the one which gives FSDL full and unfettered right and ability over the ISL.

Minerva Punjab owner Ranjit Bajaj has apparently accessed the Master Rights Agreement (MRA) document which was signed by IMG-Reliance Pvt. Limited and All India Football federation back in 2010.

Reports have hinted that FSDL, the company which operates the ISL has threatened the AIFF with legal action, if the ISL was not given top-tier recognition. However speaking to Oulook Magazine, an AIFF official had denied the reports and clearly stated that FSDL is following the contractual obligation which was signed back in 2010.

According to him there was a clause in the agreement which cearly stated that the ISL will become the senior-most league in the country in the future. 

The tension in Indian football is rising every passing day with some reports suggesting that the I-League clubs will collectively take legal action against the AIFF. However, the official also stated that the clubs cannot take legal action against the Indian FA, as they are registered with their state associations and not affiliated with the AIFF. Hence, the clubs do not have any legal right to interefere in AIFF’s affairs of broadcasting and marketing. 

The backlash comes after a report from the Times of India suggested that the ISL will be announced as the top-tier league in the next few days. This is a follow up to what is regarded in some quarters as the Indian FA’s step-motherly treatment of the I-League clubs. After hiking the fine for boycotting the Super Cup, the apex body has now decided to announce the Indian Super League as the top league, forcefully relegating the I-League clubs.

Hence Bajaj came up with a tweet suggesting that he has got his hands on the MRA documents between IMG-R and AIFF and will be revealing it to the public in the next few days. He kept his promise and revealed the first 10 pages of the agreement earlier this evening.