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   0 Vs 1  

                    17′ Thapa


India had a fantastic game in the middle of the park as both teams sought midfield supremacy! India edged the home side in the contest by securing that one crucial goal which was put in through an enterprising Thapa with a Adil Khan Assist!

This is Sabin signing off and it has been a pleasure brining you the game live on Khel Now! Play is the Way!

Its Full Time and India secure Third Place at the 47th Kings Cup!

90+4′ Amrinder the Sweeper Keeper! comes out of the box to clear the ball off an on-rushing Dangda!

90+2′ Dangda comes so so so close as Amrinder just manages to keep it out! India looks to keep the lead steadfast as the match enters the last couple of minutes.

89′ Adison comes so close! A Thai inswinging free-kick is headed slightly wide and this has been the closest that the Thai Elephants have come to levelling in this half!

88′ Jhingan puts in a last man tackle and blocks out a Thai attack which would have levelled the score.

86′ Corner Cleared! Jhingan Clears a dangerous corner as the ball is missed by Abdul Samad but only words of encourange ment from the Captain Jhingan!

84′ Pressuring Thailand in Thailand has been a joy to watch as the Indian team looks to incorporate the new passing and pressing Philosophy of Coach Igor Stimac.

82′ Supachok crosses a ball in but Thailand are not able to play that important ball in when it is needed and are struggling in the final third.

80′ Vinit Rai and Sahal Abdul have become the focal points of the Indian midfield and are showing great chemistry in the middle of the park.

78′ India get a freekick, which is taken by Thapa and the move shows India’s persistence as Thailand find it difficult to clear the ball out of the attacking third!

75′ Substitution – Sahal comes in to replace Raynier Fernandes.

72′ Jhingan has been finding it hard to cover for Subhasish while also not letting gaps come in between the two centrebacks. Thai look to target that space in between the two centre-backs.

68′ India press well in cohesion and get themselves a chance of doubling the lead. The pressure from Raynier forced the leftback backpass to the goalkeeper who was then pressed on by Manvir and got himself in a bit of tangle. The ball hits the bar and Thai somehow survive.

66′ Jhingan pressures the player out as Adil kicks the ball out! What a partnership this has been!

64′ Thailand waste another Free-Kick as the balls travels out! Amrinder sends in a goal kick into the shade where all players seem to have gathered and Thapa unleashes a shot that goes just wide!

61′ Bheke getting caught out again as Theerasil Dangda fires one at Amrinder who keeps it out!

59′ Supachok! Comes so close to scoring but the ball is deflected out by another Thai palyer.

58′ Corner for Thailand but Bose clears it out but the ball bounces around in the middle of the park before crossing the touchline.

Substitution for India: Jackichand Singh comes in for Farukh Choudhary

54′ The midfield seems to be a cut throat role to play as both the teams are pushing and pressing as hard as they possibly can to make a difference! Thailand Break out in a counter but sniffle the chance as Amrinder blocks!

52′ The game has slowed a little as both sides are building up more cautiously to avoid errors that may benefit the opposition!

Substitution for India: Manvir comes in for Balwant

49′ Farukh lashes a grounder only to be denied by the post! Balwant collects the rebound but shoots wide!

46′ India Kick off the Second half and Vinit Rai commits the first foul of the half!

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It is half time and India look to make it big past their Asian Opponents as Thapa and Adil have shone brightly and made sure that the team looks much better than it did with much senior players playing in the previous game.

The young gun plan has worked brilliantly for the Croat Stimac who seems to have inspired the Indian side and the general fanbase not turning on the team after the previous loss seems to have rejuvenated the team and pushed them towrds a winning mentality!

A few questions raised though!

Is it over for Gurpreet?

Where does Sunil fit into this new style?

Is India missing the likes of Jobby Justin upfront?

45+1′ Farukh runs out with the ball being chased by a single man but decides to be selfless and sets up Balwant who misses the pass and fumbles a chance to make it 2!

44′ Thapa curls a ball in as the Thai keeper rushes out to collect just before Farukh could reach it! Thapa has been a true leader in the middle of the park with Raynier and Amarjit functioning like his henchmen!

42′ Farukh pulls in a foul but he has done well in his role of disrupting the Thai backline and while Balwant looks slower than him, Farukh has compensated for two with his tenacity!

40′ Adil cannot seem to make an error as he frustrates the Thai team with his times and accurate blocks and tackles! What a game he is having!

37′ Thailand are trying their luck pouring the ball into the box but India is giving a fitting reply to them as they are outnumbered by them in penalty area. Defending and attacking as a full 11 is what India has needed in a while!

35′ Two Blocks in a Minute by none other than Adil Khan as he stops Pawee and Sumanya from scoring and potentially leading the game!

33′ Bose lands on Amarjit Singh as he tries to win the ball! While being enthusiastic I guess they need to be a little careful towards their own!

30′ Farukh flagged offside as he tries to make inroads in the defense of the Thais.

Water Break to beat the heat!

25′ Possession stats: 89% of the ball has been in the middle of the park as both teams vie for Midfield supremacy!

22′ Thailand put the ball in the net through their captain, Dangda but he is flagged offside!

20′ Tristan has been trying to build his team up on the wings once again bu the Indian team breaks out in counter attack and Balwant nearly succeeds!


It all began with a misplaced freekick by Raynier and while the Thai defence seemed to have fallen asleep, Adil snuck a ball across the face of the goal and Thapa guided it in at the far post.

15′  Teresil fouled by Amarjit Kiyam in the middle of the park as India are seeming to sit back and counter attack as possession is being enjoyed by the home team.

13′ Thailand are trying to build play down the left flank but are not able to deliver any killer balls in as they are being snuffed out by Jhingan and Co.

11′ Jhingan has been very vocal and looks to have a good command on the defence as they clear out a corner and crowd out the Thai attack.

9′ Our writer Uttiyo has pointed out an important Tactic for India, playing Identical defenders to throw the opposition into a tizzy!

6′ Tristan brings down Thapa for a foul on the touchline and Thapa delivers a good ball in to the box but Jhingan gives away a foul.

4′ Farukh seems to have decided to make life difficult for the Thai sides as he is moving in with every effort to win the Ball! Amrinder and Vinit butt heads trying to win the ball.

2′ Balwant  tries to outsmart the defence but he is flagged offside!

1′ It is Kick-Off and India look to have taken the high press route once again and Thailand looks to build from the back and power the wings.

Thailand looks to have fielded a 5-3-2 agaisnt the Indian 4-2-3-1 with Balwant Singh Leading the line and India looks like a midfield heavy side while Thailand start defensively.

India and Thailand Take th Field as the National Anthems ring out and the crowd is lond and colourful as the Men in Blue take on the Thai Elephants!

A look at India’s formation:

1.50 PM: India has reigned in a lot of changes and has put in a line up of players with 7 changes and giving youngsters a chance to show case their grit. This is a very different line up to what was faced by Thailand at the Asian Cup and it is surely going to be momentous as India will look to get a similar score line with a new set of players!

Team Line Ups:

India:  Amrinder (GK), Adil, Jhingan (C), Bheke, Bose, Rai, Amarjit, Raynier, Thapa, Farukh, Balwant.

Thailand : Theerathon Bunmathan, Adison Promrak, Sumanya Purisay, Thitiphan Puangchan, Teerasil Dangda, Tanaboon Kesarat, Tristan Do, Supachai Jaided, T. Siwarak, Suphan Thongsong, T Pawee

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1.30 PM: Hello everyone! It is a wonderful atmosphere at the Chang Arena in Buriram and the Indian National Team is all set to face Thailand in their third place deciding match of the King’s Cup 2019. The two sides are meeting for the second time this year, after their meeting in the AFC Asian Cup earlier this year. The weather is near to perfect and spectators are coming in to experience the game. This is your host Sabin Castelino, and I hope you enjoy the game with me.

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