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EA Sports and FIFA partnership evolution over the years


April 8 2023
EA Sports and FIFA partnership evolution over the years

The nearly 30-year partnership between the two sides is coming to an end

The partnership between EA Sports and FIFA have become a mainstay in the world of sports video games, both for gamers and football fans. The relationship between EA Sports, which makes and sells a lot of video games, and FIFA, which is in charge of soccer, has been going on for more than 25 years and keeps getting better with each new version of the game.

The relationship between EA Sports and FIFA started in 1993 when FIFA International Soccer came out. It had 48 national teams and was the first game that FIFA officially licensed. Over the years, the partnership has grown and changed, with each new release of the game bringing new features, improvements, and new ideas.

One of the most important things to happen in the partnership was the release of FIFA 09, which brought the “Be a Pro” mode to the game. In this mode, players could make their own custom player and play the game from that person’s point of view. They could also play through a whole career and work their way up to become a star player.

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The partnership between EA Sports and FIFA also led to the creation of the FIFA Interactive World Cup, a global tournament with the best FIFA players from all over the world. Over the years, the tournament has become more and more popular. Players compete for cash prizes and the chance to be named the FIFA Interactive World Champion.

The addition of FIFA Ultimate Team, a game mode that lets players build their own custom teams with player cards they earn while playing or buy with in-game currency, was another big step in the partnership. Players spend hours building and improving their teams in this mode, which has become one of the most popular parts of the game.

In recent years, the partnership between EA Sports and FIFA has continued to change, with a renewed focus on realism and authenticity. The latest version of the game, FIFA 22, has new and better ways to play, more realistic player movements, and better graphics and sounds.

But there have been some problems with the way EA Sports and FIFA work together. In 2020, FIFA was criticized for how it handled the use of its players’ likenesses in the game. Some players and their agents asked for better pay and more control over how their likenesses were used.

Why are FIFA and EA splitting up?

The nearly 30-year partnership between EA and FIFA will end after the last FIFA 23 game launched in 2022, EA announced on Tuesday. After July 2023, EA will brand all future football titles with the EA Sports FC moniker. Nonetheless, the new EA Sports FC titles will continue to build on what EA and FIFA have created over the years, retaining all existing partnerships and licenses.

Since its inception, the FIFA series has been a darling among football and gaming enthusiasts. The forthcoming FIFA 23 game is anticipated to be the most comprehensive to date, surpassing FIFA 22, and will conclude the historic partnership. Similar to their FIFA predecessors, the new EA Sports FC titles will retain a vast library of players, teams, stadiums, and leagues.

The upcoming FIFA game will include an assortment of game modes, World Cup-related content, competitions, and other thrilling features. EA has promised that it will be a must-play for current FIFA players and football enthusiasts. Fans can anticipate learning more about the upcoming game later this year, as EA has not provided many specifics about it.

In conclusion, the partnership between EA and FIFA has been an icon for the past three decades. While the FIFA brand will be missed, EA Sports FC has a promising future. Fans can rest assured that the new FIFA games will continue to offer the same immersive experience that the franchise has provided for decades. It will be intriguing to see what new innovations and features EA Sports FC introduces in the future.

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