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Asian Games 2022: Street Fighter V Team Profile

Published at :July 21, 2023 at 10:13 PM
Modified at :July 21, 2023 at 11:01 PM
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Mayank Prajapati and Ayan Biswas will be representing India in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition at the upcoming Asian Games 2022.

Amidst the traditional Esports titles that have been the founding pillars of the video-gaming industry is Street Fighter which was earlier played in arcades but has since made its way to consoles and PCs. Similar to the development of the game is the journey of Mayank Prajapati and Ayan Biswas, two athletes that will be representing India in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition at the upcoming Asian Games 2022 in Hangzhou.

From arcades to one of the biggest multi-sports events in the world, both of the athletes have faced a substantial amount of challenges but showcased tremendous determination and skill to overcome them. Triumphing in the National Esports Championships (NESC) organized by the Esports Federation of India (ESFI) by utilizing their high-quality skillset, strategies, and dedication, the athletes are now ready to make their country proud against the title’s best athletes from Asia.

Introducing the duo that will compete against 14 other nations to clinch what will be the biggest medal in Indian Esports history:

Mayank Prajapati

From the moment Mayank Prajapati first heard that Street Fighter V had been included in the 2022 Asian Games, he knew it was his time to shine. The 32-year-old interior designer from Delhi carefully scheduled his day so that he could look after his 2-year-old son, work on his design projects, and spend at least four to five hours a night practicing his moves in the multiplayer online game. 

The hours of dedication helped him win a spot on the India squad. “My wife accompanies me to my games and is my biggest supporter,” says Prajapati, who started playing the game in 2009, after he purchased it accidentally and then fell in love with it. “Whenever my relatives ask what I do for a living, my mother proudly forwards them videos from my wins at Dreamhack Delhi 2019. He also won Best of the Best tournament for Nodwin in 2015, and also secured the Top 16 position in Intel Qualifiers for South East Asian Countries,” he added.  

Prajapati is prepping for China by studying the moves of players he expects to encounter at the tournaments. “We don’t get to play against too many international players but I get my friends to challenge me with unexpected moves and strategies,” he says. 


1st in Dreamhack Dec, 2019 (Delhi)2nd in Dew Arena May 2019 (Delhi)4th in Dreamhack Nov 2018 (Mumbai)4th in Proving Grounds 2018 (Bengaluru)1st in Best of the Best 2015 Ultra Street Fighter-4 (Gurgaon)

Top 16 - Intel World Open SEA Region (Jun, 21)

1st in Esportz Premiere League Qualifier 2

3rd in Esportz Premiere League Finals

Ayan Biswas

Coming from the quaint town of Birnagar, Ayan Biswas has battled the odds, and stereotypes and become a force to be reckoned with in Street Fighter V. From a young age, Ayan found solace in video games but he had to work his way up as he embarked on his journey in his beloved title. 

“Being unaware of the game’s mechanics when I started, I was losing almost all of my games online. So, I began watching skilled players and studying how they played the game. After that, I experimented with different tactics to create my own ideas and focused on improving my skills. I have to admit, it was tough to learn, and I even played the game for more than 5 hours a day at times,” says Ayan.

His dedication and countless hours in training allowed him to cater to his passion for Esports, enabling him to master the title of Street Fighter V.  In the realm of Indian Esports, he claimed the top spot in both the Dew Arena and Dreamhack Mumbai in 2018 followed by victory in the India Esports tournament in 2020. Going beyond the borders, Ayan he earned a well-deserved top-16 finish at the Intel World Open SEA Region tournament 2021, demonstrating his talent on the international stage.

Currently in the Super Diamond rank in-game, Ayan’s favorite character in the game is Birdie followed by Bison and Akuma. His focus and desire to excel are the driving forces behind his aspirations at the Asian Games in Hangzhou. “I may be one player among many, but I carry the hopes and dreams of my country and every aspiring gamer who dares to dream and I want to do justice to that,” he says.


2nd Dreamhack Delhi Dec, 191st - Dew Arena Oct, 18, 

1st Dreamhack - Mumbai Dec, 181st INDIA ESPORTS Aug, 20

Top 16 - Intel World Open SEA Region (Jun, 21)